Ferentz on Game 1

Aug. 30, 2005

Kirk Ferentz met the media for the first time of the 2005 saeson and, predictably, he said his nationally ranked Iowa Hawkeyes are ready to play a game, need to build some consistency and anxious about their opponent.

“We need to play a game,” Ferentz said with a smile. “I’m not quite sure what we’re good at and what we’re not. We definitely need to pull things together and begin developing some consistency.”

Ferentz said the question marks about his running back position and the punter position – two areas that are bolstered by good competition – are quite different. The former is filled with lots of quality and guys that “bring something different to the table.”

The latter is simply a dead head.

“It’s a little curious,” Ferentz said about the battle for the position of punter. A pair of Iowans – junior Andy Fenstermaker from Mt. Pleasant and senior John Gallery from Masonville – are mirror images statistically.

“We charted 70, 80 kicks by each guy and there’s virtually no difference between the two,” said Ferentz.

Ferentz said the Hawkeyes are still enjoying the many positives of last year’s last-second, last-play-of-the-game victory over LSU in the 2005 Capital One Bowl. He summed it up very simply.

“Any time you win a bowl game it’s a positive. I go back to the `80s when we won the Peach Bowl and the Freedom Bowl. Those victories gave us big boosts then,” said Ferentz.

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