Men's Track and Field Awards Announced

Nov. 21, 2005

IOWA CITY — University of Iowa Track Coach Larry Wieczorek has announced the award winners from the 2004 track and field season. Former athletes Chris Voller, Andy Banse and Juan Coleman received two awards. All three received the Senior Parents Award. Coleman was named the Outstanding Sprinter while Voller also received the Keating/Cretzmeyer award, and Banse was named Most Valuable Competitor. In addition to the performance awards, middle distance runner Jason Wakenight was honored with the Most Dedicated Student Athlete Award for his performance on and off the track.

Senior Parents awardsAndy Banse (02-05)Robert Beach (03-05)Derrick Burks (03-05)Jaun Coleman (01-05)Zach Digney (02-05)Dan Dziubski (02-05)Omar Isaacs (03-05)Ken Kemeny (01-05)Bill Neumann (01-05)Ryan Strang (01-05)Josh Tweedy (01-05)Chris Voller (02-05)
Most Dedicated Student AthleteJason Wakenight
Most ImprovedTim Broderson
Coaches AwardZach Digney
Most Inspirational CompetitorBill Neumann
Outstanding Freshman *Eric MacTaggart
Most Improved Cross Country *Adam Roche
Outstanding SprinterJuan Coleman
Outstanding Field Event CompetitorKen Kemeny
Outstanding Cross Country Runner *Micah VanDenend
Outstanding Distance RunnerDan Haut
Keatinge/Cretzmeyer AwardChris Voller
Most Valuable CompetitorAndy Banse
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