Big Ten Television Talk

June 21, 2006

The Big Ten Conference announced new television agreements with ABC-TV, ESPN and Fox Cable Networks Wednesday (June 21, 2006) that provide for greatly expanded programming opportunities for the University of Iowa and other members of the Big Ten Conference. Here’s what some of the head coaches at the UI are saying about the agreements.

Kirk Ferentz
Head Football Coach
The University of Iowa

“From my perspective the Big Ten has successfully taken a very proactive approach that offers significant opportunities to many of the sports programs that don’t enjoy the television exposure currently afforded our football and men’s basketball programs. I’m very excited for the student-athletes and coaches of those programs.

“With respect to football, it’s certainly beneficial to know that every game we play that is televised live by any of the Big Ten’s television partners will be available to fans of the Hawkeyes on a national basis. It’s also important for the parents and friends and family members of our current student-athletes and, of course, important for the talented high school student-athletes and parents involved in the recruiting process.”

Steve Alford
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
The University of Iowa

“It is very clear to me that the next generation of television for the Big Ten Conference has set a new standard and one that will positively impact not only our sports programs but the entire University community.

“From a men’s basketball perspective, the opportunities to increase the total number of appearances on CBS and to almost double the number of exposures on ESPN and ESPN2 are very significant for a variety of reasons ranging from marketing and outreach to fund raising and recruiting.

“With respect to the Big Ten Channel specifically, the benefits that are the result of the Big Ten Channel being available on a national basis from its very first day of operation are big time for our sports programs and our institutions.”

Lisa Bluder
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
The University of Iowa

“The Big Ten Channel moves women’s basketball in the Big Ten Conference significantly forward by more than doubling the number of games televised – 55 games all available on a national basis…that’s impressive on its own, but, importantly, this is accomplished without sacrificing the opportunity to continue what we have been doing on a local basis with KCRG Television.

“I’m also excited for the parents of our student-athletes, our alumni and letterwinners, and the thousands of friends of the University of Iowa and fans of the Hawkeyes across the Midwest and the country. They soon will be able to enjoy more of their team and their league than ever before.”

Cindy Fredrick
Head Volleyball Coach
The University of Iowa

“I see the Big Ten Channel advancing a long list of sports programs forward by providing opportunities that never before existed. The impact of weekly television exposure during our competitive seasons for our volleyball, field hockey, wrestling, softball and baseball programs, to name a few, on a television channel that is available across the country is remarkable.

“The Big Ten Channel will positively impact our recruiting efforts, our development efforts and our competitiveness.”