Ten Questions with Tiana Costanzo

Oct. 10, 2006

If everybody in the team got into a giant Royal Rumble, whowould be the last player standing?

I think Alicia would because she’s all muscle and she’s feisty.

If you were to make a movie about the 2006 season, what would itbe called and who would star in it?

War in the Mind. So much of the game is mental. Every person on the team would have a role, including the coaches.

If you could pick one person to be the unquestioned ruler ofEarth, who would it be?

Jesus… enough said.

If you were to play another sport, what would it be?

Soccer. I started playing when I was 7 but eventually had to decide whether I wanted to go to college for soccer or volleyball. Obviously, I chose volleyball even though I love soccer, too.

If you were to be stranded on a desert island with one teammate,who would it be?

Alicia. We just have this unexplainable connection that makes us close. She can be someone who I can have serious conversations with or someone to kid around with and have fun.

What is the ultimate breakfast?

An unlimited amount of white chocolate lattes and poppy seed muffins!

What superpower would you want?

I’d want to be able to teleport so I could go home to San Diego whenever I wanted and so that I could sleep in longer in the morning or during naps because then I could just wake up and go to wherever I have to go in a split second.

Coming from California, what was your first Iowa winter like?

It wasn’t that bad. I actually liked it because I had never really experienced snow before and thought it looked pretty. But then I was walking in some and didn’t realize the ground was frozen, and I slipped and fell. I go home for the month of Christmas break, too, so I get a break from the cold for a little bit.

What made you pick the No. 13…are you not superstitious?

The number 13 is actually a lucky number for me because I was born on the 13th. Also, I tried to be like my older sister, and she was always 13 when she played volleyball. I have had ever since 6th grade.

What are your plans when you are done with volleyball?

I want to finish my undergrad and then get my Masters in Nursing. I’ll move back to San Diego, too, because I love it so much and that’s where my family lives.