Sporting News takes a liking to Kinnick

July 26, 2007

IOWA CITY – – Sporting News confirmed what Hawkeye football fans have known for years — the atmosphere on a Saturday at Kinnick Stadium is one of the best experiences in the Big Ten Conference.

Steve Greenberg, a writer and editor for Sporting News since 2000, ranked the top 10 stadiums in the Big Ten Conference. (He has never been to a game at Penn State, so Beaver Stadium was not included).

“Kinnick Stadium has had some basic renovations in the past couple of years, which it needed,” Greenberg writes. “But I remember a trip there in the early 1990s when a guy I knew called Kinnick “kind of a dump.” I completely disagreed. It wasn’t a pro venue; it was a no-frills college football joint and a damn good one. The Hawkeyes black and gold set against that lush grass? Beautiful stuff.”

Greenberg ranked Ohio State first, followed by Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern, Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana.

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