Women's Basketball Blog Returns

Oct. 25, 2007

Last season, Wendy Ausdemore and Abby Emmert did an outstanding job of giving Hawkeye fans a behind-the-scenes look at the women’s basketball team with their weekly blogs.

This season three other student-athletes have agreed to share their insights around the program. Seniors Johanna Solverson and Jenee Graham and junior Lindsey Nyenhuis will be posting their personal blogs on practices, road trips and everything else surrounding the program throughout the 2007-08 campaign.

Below is the first blog of the season, written by Solverson. Check back next week to view Lindsey Nyenhuis’ first blog of the year. Be sure to bookmark this year’s BASKETBLOG, which is — http://hawkeyesports.cstv.com/sports/w-baskbl/spec-rel/2008-basketblog.html

Hello Hawkeye Fans,

My name is Johanna Solverson, and I just wanted to keep you updated on how our past couple weeks have been going, starting practice and all. After a long and challenging pre-season we are all really excited to start practicing again as a team, and getting prepared for this season. I know personally for myself after not playing in the past two seasons, I am ecstatic to get out there and play again. As excited as I was, in one of the first three practices or so I received an elbow to the eye and had gotten a pretty ugly black eye, to the point that Coach Bluder had to stop practice and point out how bad it looked! It is healing slowly, but I’ve gotten a lot of looks and compliments on it.

Lately, we have been having a good amount of recruits coming to the campus, which is exciting to meet new people and at the same time try to get them to see how much we enjoy playing basketball and being at the University of Iowa. Having recruits at the same time helps us bond and become even closer then we already are.

Recently, we went to a Haunted House, most of us, because some of our teammates are too scared to go through; but some were brave and went anyways, Kristi Smith was probably the most frightened out of all of us, but that’s alright because she’s the little one. Ha ha.

Our first game is coming up pretty soon here Nov. 2, and we have been working really hard to get prepared for it. We all see it as the first game to start off an excellent season, and the first contest to start off me and the other seniors last season here at Iowa. We hope to see many of you fans in the crowd to help cheer us on to our first victory.