Post-game Quotes

Nov. 18, 2009

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Head Coach Lisa Bludder

“It’s one of those games you wish you could get those last six minutes back and just do it again. I’m proud of my players, I thought they fought hard. We go down 11-0 and to come back and tie it up then be down one at the half, I thought we played well. I thought it was the best zone we’ve had. You know, I think we ran out of gas the last six minutes, but that’s what we got. We have to fight through that and I probably have to do a better job with time outs to give them a little rest here and there.”

“It’s just unfortunate because I think Kansas is a great team. I think they’re going to do terrific this year. I think they are very well coached, they have great athletes. For us to be there with a three point lead with six minutes to go then not be able to finish it is disappointing. This game wasn’t an 11-point differential, I don’t feel like.”

“I think this is a good growing experience for our team. You know, we had a lot of mental errors in the last six minutes. We had five turnovers in the last six minutes. We missed some free throws in the last six minutes. We had been doing a good job of taking the ball and shooting free throws. Those are the little things that you practice. You can’t lose your focus and I feel like we lost our focus a little bit. I think that’s going to happen a little bit with a young team, but we can’t use that as an excuse. We need to grow up real fast.”

#21 Kachine Alexander
On fighting to come back in the game…
“When you’re down in a hole, it always takes more energy to get back. Whenever there’s a comeback, it’s always going to take a lot more energy. I don’t know if it was because it was the last six minutes, but I think it did take a little bit out of us. We tried to do what we could.”

#12 Morgan Johnson
On going down 11-0 to begin the game…
“Definitely it’s a new experience. You don’t ever want to come out down 11. We knew we needed to kick it up an extra notch after that. That’s when it comes down to heart. You could either give up there or you could keep trying hard. We kept trying hard and that’s all that we could do.”

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