1-on-1: Hailey Schneden

Oct. 31, 2013

In our countdown to the start of the 2013-14 hoops season, we will feature all 11 Hawkeyes. Today, we feature freshman forward Hailey Schneden.

Schneden is a freshman from Davenport, Iowa. The former Assumption High School standout wears No. 40 for the Hawkeyes. Schneden (6-foot-2) led Assumption to three-straight state titles and was a two-time all-state honoree.

Iowa opens the regular season Nov. 8, hosting UC Riverside inside Carver-Hawkeye Arena in the Hawkeye Challenge at 6 p.m.

Key factor in recruitment:
“I was going to come here to the University of Iowa anyways, and they asked me if I would like to walk-on. I thought it would be an incredible experience. I gave it a try and I went to the try-out and I loved the team and they were all awesome. I figured I would go out and try and see how it was for the first year, and I like it a lot so far.”

What is it like working with the coaching staff?
“It’s an amazing experience. They are all awesome coaches and all know what they are talking about. It’s awesome to get to work with them and learn from them.”

Facet of game you are working on:
“I have been trying to improve upon everything. I have a lot to work on, and working with my teammates and coaches has helped me improve overall. I like working with them, and its awesome to play with them and learn from them.”

Team goals:
“We have a lot of goals. We have to set small goals to reach each goal. Once we reach one goal, we can keep going up and we can fulfill all of our goals and have an incredible season.”

Story behind your jersey number:
“In high school I was on varsity as a freshman and it was the only number they had left and I had it all through high school. They asked my brother (Blake, a team manager) what number I was and he told them 40, so they gave it to me. They told me I could change it but that’s what I’m used to.”

Pre-game ritual/superstitions:
“No, I usually get kind of nervous, well kind of excited. Just jittery… so I’ll just dance around a little bit, but I don’t have any other superstitions really.”

Hobbies: playing with my dog and coloring
Other Sport: Volleyball
Male Athlete: Blake Griffin
Female Athlete: Serena Williams
Pro Team: Clippers
Movie: Alice in Wonderland
Restaurant: Applebee’s
Band/Musician: Miley Cyrus
Store: Express
TV Show: SpongeBob SquarePants
Midnight Snack: Popcorn
Spot on Campus: My room
City: Davenport