Catching Up With Cheyenne Pratt

August 4, 2015


Q: Where are you spending your summer?
A: I’m spending my summer at home in Festus, Missouri.

Q: What are you doing there?
A: I’m either at home, on the lake, or giving hitting lessons.

Q: What is one thing that you have learned from giving hitting lessons?
A: I have learned that it is a lot harder to coach kids than I thought it would be.

Q: Favorite summer activities?
A: I love boating, riding, and playing softball.

Q: Favorite song to listen to in the summer?
A: I can’t pick a specific song, but I’m always listening to country music.

Q: Favorite place to go in your summer city? Why?
A: Goose Creek – it’s the lake that my family and I go to on the weekends to relax and go boating.

Q: Best thing you’ve done so far this summer?
A: The best thing I’ve done so far was a cruise with my family.

Q: What do you miss the most about living in Iowa City?
A: I really just miss the college atmosphere and all of my friends.

Q: How are you training for next season?
A: I’m training with my Dad, my old teammates and coaches, and new trainers. Chelsey Carmody has helped me out this summer too.

Q: What specific area of your game are you working on this summer?
A: The biggest thing that I’m trying to concentrate on is my running form. By focusing on that I can make myself faster.

Q: What are you most excited about for the upcoming year? Why?
A: I am really excited to start playing with my teammates. I can’t wait to feel the drive to want to win together again like we felt so strongly at the Big Ten Tournament.

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