Catch Up With Jonas Larsen

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Summer may mean time to relax for students, but for college tennis players it is hard work. For University of Iowa sophomore Jonas Larsen, it means finding a balance between the two.
The life of a college student-athlete during the school year is not an easy one. Focusing on academics and becoming a better athlete can be a challenge. Summers can be great for getting away from the stress of it all, but can also be used to push past the competition.
“It does so much for my game,” said Larsen. “I feel more confident serving and staying in a set to make it competitive.”
Larsen made sure to keep himself in a steady flow of tournaments in his home country, Denmark, but he didn’t focus as much on practice.
“This summer helped me to relax even though I was playing a number of tournaments,” said Larsen. “I realized that sometimes it’s alright to take time off and stay with friends.”
His balancing act paid off. Larsen was the champion of two tournaments in Denmark and reached the semifinals of another.
Back in the states, Larsen kept his momentum going, reaching the quarterfinals of both the singles and doubles brackets of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) summer circuit event held in Iowa City.
“American tournaments are great because you get so many people there watching,” said Larsen, “In Denmark, the crowds are usually just parents or relatives.”
Larsen also travelled with his teammates to Indiana for the ITA National Championships where he again reached the quarterfinals of singles play. In doubles, he teamed up with junior Robin Haden, who he played with in Iowa City, to reach the semifinals of the doubles bracket.
After his summer back home, Larsen reached a national ranking in 35th in Demark.
“The rankings aren’t that important to me,” said Larsen, “What really matters to me is that I won some tournaments and placed high in others. I knew my level in the summer was great.”
While taking some time off from the constant stream of homework and daily practices was great for him mentally and physically, Larsen said he is ready to get back on the courts and start the fall season with his teammates.