Q&A With Joslyn Boyer

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University of Iowa volleyball freshman Joslyn Boyer caught up with hawkeyesports.com for a brief Q&A on her transition to online classes, reaction to making the U.S. Collegiate National Team, and more.

Q:Where are you right now?
    A:I am home in Downers Grove, Illinois.  I am enjoying this time with my family but very ready to get back to Iowa City! 

Q: How are you interacting with your teammates?
    A: We have zoom meetings at least three times a week but our snap chat group chat is also very active :). We are in contact on the daily basis.  

Q: What are you doing for workouts?
    A: Zach (Walrod), our strength and conditioning coach, did a very good job in accommodating work outs very specifically to each player. We have a set schedule for what we are doing every day and I usually like to do mine around 4:30 right before dinner and after I have finished all my schoolwork for the day.  

Q: Can you talk about your experience trying out and making the U.S. Collegiate National Team?
    A:  It was a super cool experience trying out for the Collegiate National Team. I was just excited to have the opportunity to go to Colorado Springs to play with some of the best college players in the country and hoped to learn a few things. I just went in there with the attitude to just play like I can, how I have been coached, and have fun because its really good volleyball. I honestly had no expectations of making the team so I just wanted to enjoy playing and competing, probably my two favorite things to do, against the really great players that were there. At first, it was a little hard getting used to the different kind of ball as the international ball is different from the college ball. It had a different touch off my platform but after a couple reps I got used to it. All of the players were so good so you had to stay really focused the entire time.  On the third day, I felt like I was in a really good “wave”, this is what they called the grouping of players, and knew I was surrounded by some of the best players in the country and I knew I had played pretty good.  Again, with no expectations, I didn’t feel any pressure to perform at any certain level and just wanted to play.  When we left, we were told that they would be in touch.  At that point, I hoped that I had done enough to at least have my name on their board to discuss me as a candidate to make the team. A few weeks later, I got the email offering me a spot.  It was super cool, especially as a freshman. I was excited as was my family, teammates and coaches.  Anytime you get an opportunity to do anything with “USA Volleyball” on your t-shirt or jersey is an honor.  It’s an even bigger honor to represent Iowa, being the first Hawkeye to make the team.  Hopefully, I am the first Hawkeye of many to come.  I don’t know what will happen with the Coronavirus shut down but the Colorado Springs experience was awesome and I am so appreciative that I had the opportunity to do it.  

Q: What are you most looking forward to when you get back on the court?
    A: I look forward to being with my teammates. I miss being in a competitive gym with girls who all want to get better. We are a young team and we are improving.  We feel like we have a step to take as a team and we have set big goals for ourselves.  We know we have a lot of work to do to achieve our goals and to maximize our potential. I look forward to the hectic schedule, never being bored, and the craziness of having all the students on campus.   

Q: How was the adjustment been to online classes?
    A: The adjustment to online classes for me has been pretty smooth. All my professors have been really good about getting information out and making sure we all know what is expected of us. After the first week of figuring everything out, I formed new routine and schedule that has been good. It definitely different but I am taking advantage of technology with zoom and facetime.  

Q: How do you see your role changing on the team as a sophomore?
    A: I hope that with a year of experience and continuing to understand the game, I will be able to take on a larger role with the team.  I want to do whatever I can to help the team win.  I will do whatever the coaches ask me to do.  I take pride in being a vocal leader on the floor and with more familiarity with my teammates, our system and our opponents, especially our B1G opponents, I want to be on the floor as much as possible to help put us in the position to score points, extend rallies and win games.  I hope I can help make my teammates be better which will make me better and a better teammate. 

Q: What is something you and your family are doing to pass the time?
    A: I have a big family, I am the oldest of six. I still have schoolwork to do and so do my siblings so that keeps us busy during the day.  We have family dinners every night which is something we have never been able to do in the past because of everyone’s sports schedules.  You never know where the conversation is going to go lol.  We all play lots of sports so we are all active in continuing to train in our sports in hopes that we can come back sooner rather than later.  I am lucky because the two siblings closest to me both play volleyball, so I have people to play with.  We have invented new games and look forward to better Illinois weather so we can get outside more. 

Q: What is your major and future career plans?
    A: I am in the Tippie Business School and am considering Finance and Marketing as my areas of concentration.  I am really interested in the explosion of brands using social platforms to drive more business.  This may be an area that I want to pursue as it is a fast-paced industry that I enjoy.  I have exposure to the sports marketing industry so that is also going to be an area of interest as I go through school.  Maybe working for a sports property, a League or a brand that is heavily invested into sports.  I want to learn the foundation of business and find an area of interest that fits with my personality, most likely say in sports and I want to love what I am doing.  We will see.      


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