Hawkeye Shakeout: Dallyssa Huggins

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — Junior Dallyssa Huggins had big plans for her first outdoor season in the Hawkeye uniform. Huggins, a native of Markham, Ontario, transferred to Iowa from the University of Maryland in 2019. While the 2020 season did not end the way she wanted, Huggins had other pressing matters on her mind, like getting back to her family in Canada during a pandemic.
“They closed the borders a week later and I was still in Iowa,” said Huggins. “I researched and found that I was still able to get back into the country because I am a Canadian citizen. I booked my flight and left on April 12 to come home.
“When I got to the Toronto airport, I had to answer a survey asking questions like if I had a cough or fever,” said Huggins. “When I talked to a customs and border official, she informed me that my entire family and I would have to self-isolate for 14 days. I was under mandatory quarantine and that they could check up on us at any time. I was warned there would be big ramifications if we broke the 14-day quarantine.”
Huggins had an impressive indoor season. At the Husker Invite on Feb.7, she joined Iowa’s all-time list at No. 5 in the pentathlon with 3,785 points. She also ranks No. 4 in the high jump (1.78m). She finished 11th in the pentathlon and seventh in high jump at the 2020 Big Ten Indoor Championships.
“I originally wanted to qualify for indoor nationals for either the high jump, multi, or both,” said Huggins. “Unfortunately, I fell short. I was really hoping that during outdoor season I would make regionals for high jump and get into the top 24 and then go onto nationals.”
Huggins has finished her 14-day self-isolation at home in Canada. She plans on spending the summer with her family at home. This is her Hawkeye Shakeout.
What was your initial reaction to the season ending?
“I got the ESPN update that the season was over. I was shocked and disappointed because this was going to be a very big year for not only the team but for myself. I was at my apartment with my mom who came down to visit before spring break. I was going to then go home with my mom since online school was supposed to be extended two weeks after spring break, but my track back home closed so I stayed in Iowa so I could train.”
How has training been going?
“I have a treadmill and a stationary bike at home, so I was using those machines a lot during my quarantine. When I was able to go outside, I was doing workouts in a soccer field near our backyard. I am focusing on staying healthy, fit, and preparing for the fall training season. The coaches gave us workouts that weren’t too strenuous so we would stay ready for the upcoming fall season.”
What has been a memorable moment so far as a Hawkeye?
“Last year when Big Ten Outdoor was at home, watching the boys win the conference was a very memorable moment. It was cool to be a part of a team that was able to win such a huge title. I was really hoping that this outdoor season, the men and women could both take that title.”
How has online school been going?
“It’s been going good. It is weird doing school while I am at home. Usually when I am in Canada, it is during winter or summer break so it’s weird being home and having to log into classes especially since there is a time change here. I’ve joined classes early because I forget the time difference.”
How has the rest of quarantine been going?
“I have been re-watching Scandal. My family and I having been playing games and going out for bike rides. Some of our parks are open so my mom and I have been hiking. I will be staying in Canada for most of the summer. I have a job set up at a summer camp for the month of August. For the rest of the time, I’m going to train at home and hang out with my family over the next couple months.”

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