University of Iowa Athletics
Racquet Technician

Craig Carney


Craig Carney has served as the team’s racquet technician since the mid-1980’s.

Carney, a University of Iowa graduate, has maintained a close relationship with the UI men’s and women’s tennis programs for nearly three decades. During the tennis season, Carney strings racquets for the student-athletes before each meet.

“I really like working with the teams and helping them out any way I can, making sure the racquets are strung perfectly before each match. I take it very seriously that I’m the stringer for them,” said Carney.

Carney has been involved with the sport of tennis since the 1970’s. Prior to opening his store, Racquet Master, Carney taught for the Iowa City Recreation Department for several years, and was certified by the United States Professional Tennis Association. Teaching deepened his knowledge and appreciation of tennis.