Q & A With Carolyn Giese

Carolyn Giese, Middle Blocker

Color – Blue

Movie -Out of Order, and Shawshank Redemption

Television show – Sopranos, Sex and the City, and Desperate housewives

Book – He’s Just Not That Into You~ it is brilliant! Seriously ~ The Da Vinci Code is excellent

Dessert – I love my dessert, I guess I would say the chocolate cake from one twenty six

Place to eat in Iowa City – Bob’s your Uncle

Class at Iowa – Time based media and video

Professional team – Cubs

Which TV reality show could you see yourself on? Real World

What players on your team make you laugh? Everyone, we have a really good time together but I spend the most time with Lauren and she tells the best stories and Betsy could put me to sleep with her beautiful singing

Best thing about being a Hawkeye? The best thing is how many awesome people I have met both in athletics and outside of it.

Before each match what do you do? I don’t believe in superstitions or rituals because it is all mental but I always brush my teeth before every game

What’s in your CD player right now? Elliot Smith, Garden State soundtrack, and Ben Harper

What is your dream job? Designing clothing

Do you have any pet peeves? People who are selfish and close minded

Is there a food that you crave during volleyball season? I can’t seem to stop eating during volleyball season so basically everything tastes fabulous especially steak burritos from Pancheros, they are huge and very satisfying.

Most frequently dialed number on my cell phone – I am not a big fan of talking on the phone because I would rather talk in person so probably my mom and dad because they are out of town.

On a long trip, would you rather drive or ride? If I am with Betsy I like to drive because we have some great dance parties in my car but anyone else I would rather ride because sometimes I have difficulty paying attention to the road because I talk too much.

What is your worst habit? I love to read fashion magazines. I could honestly lie around and read them all day which isn’t a good thing because there are way more important things I should be doing with my time. I guess that they bring out my deadly sin of sloth.

What is your favorite accessory? This is a tough one, I have so many, I guess at the moment these ballet slippers that I bought for about eight dollars that I wear just about everyday. Otherwise, this vintage black and metallic gold purse.

If you could bring one thing from your home town, what would it be? My dog Tito, he is so entertaining, I just love him.

One thing I have to do in my lifetime I really want to travel around Europe before I settle down and get married, and then I want to eventually start having kids.

What is the most memorable match that you played in at Iowa? My most memorable match I played in at Iowa would be beating Michigan, and Michigan State back to back my sophomore year. Both matches we lost the first two games and came back and won the next three. We played so well, it was such an awesome feeling.

What is one of your favorite memories you’ll take from your experience as an Iowa volleyball player? Definitely the animal noises during our preseason rope course retreat. I think the girls are still trying to figure the animal noise that I like to make, if you put three of the most annoying animals together in one room and let them fight, that is probably similar to the noise that I make.