Swarm Collective To Offer NIL Opportunities For All Hawkeye Student-Athletes

Hawkeye fans can now support NIL activities for student-athletes on all 22 Hawkeye athletic teams through the Swarm Collective.

Individuals who make a one-time gift of $1,000 or more, or commit to monthly gifts of $100 or more, will be able to direct their NIL support to any of the Hawkeye athletic programs.

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SWARM for All Iowa Sports

Officially Licensed University of Iowa NIL Store Coming Soon

The NIL Store powered by Campus Ink has announced the University of Iowa NIL Store is coming soon, providing officially licensed merchandising opportunities and industry-leading payouts to every Iowa Hawkeyes student-athlete.

In coordination with Iowa’s INFLCR Exchange, the NIL Store powered by Campus Ink will launch a complete NIL merchandise platform for University of Iowa student-athletes featuring officially licensed NIL apparel and fashion jersey options.

Every athlete who signs up will possess a personalized digital locker room that will house their merchandise.

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Announcing the Iowa Hawkeyes NIL Marketplace

The University of Iowa Athletics Department announces the creation of the Iowa Hawkeyes NIL Marketplace. The Opendorse-powered marketplace will maximize NIL support for Iowa student-athletes.

This platform allows supporters to access student-athletes and offer NIL opportunities. The marketplace gives Iowa fans, brands, and sponsors the ability to browse, book, pitch, and pay any Hawkeye student-athletes for NIL activities in one compliant platform, built specifically for the athletes’ needs.

All current Iowa student-athletes have access to create a custom page in the Iowa Hawkeyes NIL Marketplace.


The Hawkeye FLIGHT Program is a cross-departmental effort that will create and oversee Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) educational programming for Hawkeye student-athletes. FLIGHT programming provides Hawkeye student-athletes the opportunity to understand their NIL rights and receive training and resources to enhance their NIL potential. FLIGHT programming began Spring 2021 and is available to all interested current Hawkeye student-athletes and/or sports programs.

Name, Image, Likeness Policy

The University of Iowa Athletics Department understands the new dynamic of the student-athlete experience as legislation allowing student-athletes the ability to monetize their name, image and likeness (NIL) becomes a reality. In so doing, the UI Athletics Department confirms its role in educating our current student-athletes on the NCAA rules and regulations surrounding permissible use of their NIL. The purpose of the University of Iowa Athletics Name, Image, Likeness Policy is to ensure student- athletes are aware of NCAA rules and regulations, as well as Big Ten, state and federal regulations regarding NIL to protect their athletics eligibility.

FLIGHT Student-Athlete Education Plan

Student-athletes who participate in FLIGHT will gain real-world education through the INFLCR Storyteller Playbook that includes these NIL areas.

NIL 101

Educate Hawkeye student-athletes on the rules and regulations on NCAA legislation, Big Ten Conference, and University rules, as well as applicable federal and state laws, to help them understand their rights and responsibilities to ensure compliance with the various regulations.

Personal Branding/Social Media

Educate Hawkeye student-athletes on the strategies and techniques needed to increase the awareness of their NIL and social media activities through positive brand associations, images, and personal brand identity. UI campus experts, UI athletics staff, existing UI partners, UI alumni student-athletes will collaborate in providing insight.

Entrepreneurship/Financial Literacy

Educate Hawkeye student-athletes on the assets needed to become their own personal small businesses including general business planning, understanding tax implications, wealth management, and elements of licensing. Partners will include UI alumni, UI campus experts, UI community partners.

Personal and Career Transition

Educate Hawkeye student-athletes on how to connect NIL activities into networking, interviewing skills. UI Academic Services and UI campus experts will collaborate in providing education.

Agent and Advisor Education

Educate Hawkeye student-athletes on the agent/advisor relationship, key partners in the industry, contract negotiations and rules education. Partners with UI Professional Sports Counseling Panel to provide feedback on any potential professional service agreements that student-athletes may enter for NIL purposes.

Student-Athlete Questions & Answers

Can I use the University of Iowa photos and videos in my partnerships? 

No, you cannot utilize any photos and videos from the UI Athletics Department in paid partnerships without approval from the Trademark and Licensing Office.  This includes content provided via INFLCR or gathered from any other outlet.  You cannot make any alterations to photos and videos generated by the UI Athletics Department.

Can I autograph and sell items I receive from the university athletics department (e.g., shoes, apparel, awards)?

It is not permissible to sell items that the university has not deemed expendable.

If I sign an agreement with an apparel company, can I wear these items during competition/practice instead of the items my team issues?

No, you must wear team-issued apparel during all practice and competition activities and other team-sponsored activities/appearances.

Can I miss class for my NIL opportunities?

No, Iowa policy does not allow student-athletes to miss class for practice or NIL activities.

Can I use photos from INFLCR to print, sign, and sell to fans?

You may sell autographs, but must obtain proper approval through the Trademark and Licensing Office if university marks and logos are included.

Will the money I earn from NIL effect my financial aid package?

Athletic scholarships will not be impacted; however federal pell grants and need-based aid may be impacted due to increased income. Be sure to contact the Office of Financial Aid for further information.

As an international student, can I earn income for NIL activities?

Right now, the best advice we can provide is to wait. SEVP (the program which oversees F and J students) is still determining how NIL rules would work with F and J status and that they will issue guidance in the future. Until we have that guidance, we advise students to hold off on doing anything which might later be determined to be unauthorized employment. As soon as the guidance comes out, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Do I need to report income I make on NIL activities on my taxes?

Yes. Based on income requirements, you may need to file state and federal taxes.

Can I offer a sports camp and/or provide private lessons?

Yes. If the camp/lessons occur on campus, you must follow university policy including facility rentals.

Can I hire an agent, lawyer, advisor to assist with my NIL activities?

Yes. It must be disclosed through the INFLCR app and can only include NIL activities, they cannot advise on potential professional sports opportunities.

Can I endorse a product on my social media account?

Yes, it must be disclosed through the INFLCR app.

Can my coach/staff arrange NIL activities for me?

No. Athletics coaches and staff may not be involved in the arrangement of NIL activities.

Can I include University marks in my NIL activities?

Prior approval from Trademark & Licensing is required. A licensing fee may also be required if compensation is received.

Can I continue to use my same social media accounts for NIL activities if I have posts in my UI uniform?

Yes, each post is separate from each other. If a sponsored post contains university marks and logos you must obtain proper approval through the Trademark and Licensing Office.

What is a University of Iowa (UI) trademark?

A UI trademark can be any word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, or a combination of these things associated with UI goods or services. Individuals (fans, customers, alumni, etc.) identify with UI trademarks in the marketplace and distinguish the UI from others and competitors.

Why does the University of Iowa require permission be granted before using its trademarks?

The UI requires permission when its trademarks are used to both protect and manage its brand. UI trademarks are the intellectual property of and thus owned by the University. Using trademarks without the owner’s permission is considered trademark infringement and is a violation of the owner’s intellectual property rights, which are protected by state and federal law.

How does one obtain permission to use UI trademarks?

Requests for use of the UI trademarks takes many forms and evaluated per existing policies and according to branding guidelines and strategies. Permissions are primarily managed by the UI Trademark Licensing Office through UI Trademark Licensing Contracts with vendors who are licensed to make specific items in specific product categories for the marketplace. Third party association with UI trademarks in the form of business sponsorships and promotional use is managed by Hawkeye Sports Properties who is contracted by the UI to monetize those opportunities with UI approval. Please contact uilicensing@hawkeyelicensing.com for more information.

I have an agreement with a business, charity, etc. Can I wear a University of Iowa licensed item that I purchased when appearing in any such endorsement(s) of this entity?

NIL is your personal identity and does not include use of UI trademarks in association with a third-party entity. This could be a business, charity, political, cause related, etc., and does not need to involve compensation. All these scenarios imply association, advocacy, endorsement by the University when UI trademarks are involved and are not permissible. Third party use of UI trademarks requires a promotional agreement with the University. Promotional opportunities are available through Hawkeye Sports Properties. For more information, contact Hawkeye Sports Properties at (319) 338-7474 or UI Trademark Licensing at uilicensing@hawkeyelicensing.com or (319) 384-2000.

Can I use an INFLCR picture as my social media profile picture?

You can use an INFLCR picture per the terms of the agreement you signed with INFLCR. Those terms do NOT permit commercial use.

If I want to sell autographed items and/or make a paid autograph signing appearance, do autograph items with UI trademarks on them need to be purchased from a University of Iowa approved vendor?

Yes. Any item bearing UI trademarks must be licensed by the UI. Licensed products are produced by UI licensed vendors (Licensee) per the terms of their licensing contracts with the UI and can be purchased either directly from the Licensee or from retailers reselling licensed products sourced from UI licensed vendors. View the list of licensed vendors.

Can I have my NIL appear on a product that includes UI trademarks for resale?

This would require that the product come from an existing licensed vendor of the UI who is approved for the applicable product/product categories. In these scenarios, we would simply treat this as any other product artwork submission from the Licensee. Approval status is based on our current standard branding guidelines and strategies. View the list of licensed vendors.

Per the immediate prior question, what if the vendor is not currently licensed with the UI?

The vendor is this instance would be welcome to apply for a license. The application process is intentionally thorough and can take a fair amount of time and cost involved. There is no guarantee that the process will result in a license being issued.

How can I contact a student-athlete to discuss a partnership?

The student-athletes’ social media accounts are listed on their roster page.

Institutional Involvement FAQ

May individual student-athlete NIL activities be promoted/endorsed with athletic department social media accounts?

No. Athletics Department social media accounts are meant to promote and highlight the student athlete as a member of the University of Iowa Athletics Department/teams.

May Iowa-related collective NIL activities be promoted/endorsed with athletic department social media accounts?

Possibly. A collective would need to have commercial sponsorships with Hawkeye Sports Properties to ensure the social media promotion is part of the contractual relationship.

Are individual Athletics Department employees/staff able to work with the Collectives on a freelance basis?

No. Athletics department staff member may not be employed (Paid or voluntary) by a NIL entity.

May the Iowa Athletics Department provide assets (e.g. suites, tickets, charter plane seats) to a collective for their fundraising purposes?

No; however, if a collective has a contractual sponsorship with HSP it is possible for a collective to receive specific assets.

Can an Iowa Athletics Department staff member introduce a current student-athlete to potential NIL partners?

Yes, introducing or providing student-athlete’s information to a potential NIL partner is permissible. Make sure the student-athlete has indicated it is permissible to share their contact information before releasing.

Can an Iowa Athletics Department staff member be involved in setting up NIL opportunities for current student-athletes?

As previously stated, it is permissible to connect student-athletes with potential NIL partners however, securing and negotiating the actual arrangement and execution of any NIL activity must be between the student-athlete and NIL partner.

Can an Iowa Athletics Department staff member introduce a prospective student-athlete (PSA) to potential NIL partners?

No, inasmuch that NIL activities cannot be used as a recruiting inducement, Iowa Athletics coaches/staff may NOT introduce a PSA to potential NIL partners.

Can an Iowa-related collective communicate with a PSA, a PSA’s family, or others affiliated with a PSA?

No, a collective may NOT communicate (e.g., call, text direct message) with a PSA or others associated with the PSA for a recruiting purpose or to encourage the PSA’s enrollment at Iowa.

Are individual coaches and athletics staff permitted to purchase individual student-athletes’ NIL products/services?

Yes, it’s OK for individual coaches/staff to use personal funds to purchase items related to the SA’s NIL activities that are de minimis in value and for the same rate available for the general public.



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