Hawkeye Radio Network


Baseball vs. FIU at Principal Park in Des Moines
Thursday, May 16
Coverage begins at 6:00pm, First pitch at 6:35pm.

Baseball vs. FIU at Principal Park in Des Moines
Friday, May 17
Coverage begins at 6:00pm, First pitch at 6:35pm.

Baseball vs. FIU at Principal Park in Des Moines
Saturday, May 18
Coverage begins at 11:30am, First pitch at Noon.

Statewide Radio Stations



Call Letters
Coverage Map
AtlanticKJAN1220 AMDaytime | Nighttime
AtlanticKJAN101.1 FMDay-Night
BurlingtonKBUR1490 AMDay-Night
BurlingtonKBUR99.3 FMDay-Night
Cedar RapidsWMT600 AM Daytime | Nighttime
CherokeeKCHE1440 AMDaytime | Nighttime
Chicago, ILWCKG1530 AMDaytime
ClintonKROS1340 AMDay-Night
ClintonKROS105.9 FMDay-Night
Council BluffsKXCB106.5Daytime | Nighttime
CrestonKSIB101.3 FMDay-Night
DavenportWOC1420 AMDaytime | Nighttime
DecorahKDHK100.5 FMDay-Night
DenisonKDSN104.9 FMDay-Night
Des MoinesWHO1040 AMDaytime | Nighttime
Dubuque/GalenaWDBQ107.5 FMDaytime
Elmhurst, ILWCKG102.3 FMDaytime
EsthervilleKILR95.9 FMDay-Night
Fort DodgeKIAQ96.9 FMDay-Night
HarlanKNOD105.3 FMDay-Night
Iowa CityKXIC800 AMDaytime | Nighttime
Iowa CityKKRQ100.7 FMDay-Night
Iowa FallsKIFG1510 AMDaytime | Nighttime
Iowa FallsKIFG95.3 FMDay-Night
KeokukWCEZ93.9 FMDay-Night
ManchesterKMCH94.7 FMDay-Night
MarshalltownKFJB1230 AMDay-Night
MarshalltownKFJB93.9 FMDay-Night
Mason CityKGLO1300 AMDaytime | Nighttime
MilfordKUQQ102.1 FMDay-Night
Mount PleasantKILJ105.5 FMDay-Night
MuscatineKMCS93.1 FMDay-Night
New HamptonKCZE95.1 FMDay-Night
Omaha, NEKIBM1490 AMDaytime | Nighttime
OskaloosaKBOE104.9 FMDay-Night
Prairie Du Chien, WIWPRE980 AMDaytime | Nighttime
Prairie Du Chien, WIWPRE104.3 FMDay-Night
Prairie Du Chien, WIWQPC94.3 FMDay-Night
Red OakKOAK1080 AMDay-Night
Red OakKOAK102.3 FMDay-Night
Red OakKCSI95.3 FMDay-Night
SenecaWPRE101.3 FMDaytime |
Sioux CenterKSOU1090 AMDaytime
Sioux CenterKSOU101.5 FMDaytime
Sioux CityKSCJ1360 AMDaytime | Nighttime
Sioux CityKSCJ94.9 FMDay-Night
Spirit LakeKUOO103.9 FMDay-Night
WaukonKDHK99.1 FMDay-Night
WaverlyKWAY99.3 FMDay-Night
Webster CityKZWC1570 AMDaytime | Nighttime
Webster CityKZWC92.9 FMDaytime | Nighttime
Webster CityKZWC101.5 FMDaytime | Nighttime
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