• Football – $200
  • Men’s Basketball, Women’s  Basketball, & Men’s Wrestling – $75


  • Football – Message requests are due one week prior to the event being requested, or until sold out. 
  • Men’s Basketball, Women’s  Basketball, and Men’s Wrestling – Message Requests are due 48 hours prior to the event being requested, or until sold out. 


  • 85 character limit
  • No pictures allowed
  • Messages cannot include any promotion or advertising of an outside company (this includes mentions) 
  • Messages must be appropriate to the general audience
  • The display of message requests are up to the discretion of the Iowa Athletic Department and can be rejected for not adhering to the guidelines listed. Message requests must adhere to the codes of conduct outlined by the Big Ten Conference and the University of Iowa. 
  • Prior to the event being requested, purchasers will be notified when messages are scheduled to be displayed by email. Message display times are subject to change. 
  • There is a possibility that a message would not be displayed during an event due to unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, Iowa Athletics will work with the purchaser to reschedule a message or provide a full refund.