Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

"Immersing yourself in cultures other than your own allows you to explore all facets of your identity. It is a beautiful way of appreciating something while also strengthening your own notion of self." Lorenda Holston Assistant Athletics Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Immersing myself in many experiences and perspectives leads to my personal growth and broadens my understanding of the world outside of my immediate bubble.

Spencer Hutchison Iowa Men's Basketball

It is important to immerse yourself in different cultures because every culture is unique and has aspects that provide insight of how a group of people appreciate life. Being open to different experiences and perspectives of others is important in becoming a well-rounded person.

Alex Edison Women's Track & Field/Cross Country

I feel like putting myself in situations to learn about different peoples' experiences and backgrounds, helps open my eyes to understanding what makes our world what it is today.

Brock Harding Iowa Men's Basketball

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The University of Iowa Athletics Department is committed to fostering the advancement and respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all student-athletes, coaches, and staff. We strive to create a climate that celebrates differences and lets individuality thrive. As part of this commitment, we actively value diversity in our workplace and learning environments as we seek to listen and learn from the rich backgrounds that we all bring to our university. The diverse voices of our administration, staff, coaches, and students-athletes represent an invaluable resource for the Athletics Department and our efforts to fulfill its mission and strive to be an example of excellence in higher education and athletics.

DE&I Goals:

1. Recruit, retain, and graduate academically and athletically talented student-athletes from underrepresented groups at a rate equal or greater to that of the university.
2. Seek a diverse candidate pool for all positions, in particular, coaching and administrative staff positions.
3. Increase opportunities for underrepresented student-athletes, coaches, and staff to assume leadership roles and higher visibility functions in the Athletics Department and within the university community.
4. Promote a welcoming climate that enhances the educational and work experience for all member of the Athletics Department.