Q & A With Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson, Outside Hitter

Color – Pink, Black, Green.

Athlete – Ian Thorpe

Movie – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Television show – Law and Order, SVU

Book – On the road, by Jack Keroak

Dessert – Apple Pie

Place to eat in Iowa City – 3 Samurai

Class at Iowa – International health, Italian

Which TV reality show could you see yourself on? The Restaurant.

What players on your team make you laugh? All of them

Best thing about being a Hawkeye – getting to do what I love, with 100% support

Before each match what do you do? Brush my teeth

What’s in your CD player right now? Mixed CD Eryka Badu, Maxwell, Kanye West…

What is your dream job? United Nations field agent, (department of conflict resolution)

Do you have any pet peeves? Ball carts that only have a few balls in it. Why can’t we just fill one up completely???

Is there a food that you crave during volleyball season? Orange juice and salt and vinegar chips

Most frequently dialed number on my cell phone – my sister in California

On a long trip, would you rather drive or ride? Ride, I like to sleep.

What is your worst habit? I never replace the toilet paper; I just leave the empty one on the holder and place the new one beside it.

What is your favorite accessory? Hats and scarves.

If you could bring one thing from your home town, what would it be? My family

One thing I have to do in my lifetime – have some money and not be broke all the time.

What is the most memorable match that you played in at Iowa? Beating Michigan State this year

What is one of your favorite memories you’ll take from your experience as an Iowa volleyball player? Spending time before any match in the locker room with my girls!!