Q & A With Pam Kavadas

Pam Kavadas, Libero

Color – Purple

Athlete – Stacy Sykora

Movie – Saving Silverman

Television show – Sex and the City

Book – The Da Vinci Code

Dessert – My aunt Susie’s famous pie…I love it!

Place to eat in Iowa City – Three Samari

Class at Iowa – Volleyball II

Professional team – White Sox

Which TV reality show could you see yourself on? American Gladiator

What players on your team make you laugh? Everyone on the team makes me laugh…in a lot of different ways

Best thing about being a Hawkeye – All the support from outsiders…everyone has so much Hawkeye pride!

Before each match what do you do? Nothing in particular…pretty much just mess around in the locker room

What’s in your CD player right now? Kanye West

What is your dream job? I would love to play volleyball professionally for a while and then be a coach.

Do you have any pet peeves? Tons!! I don’t think I can list them all

Is there a food that you crave during volleyball season? Definitely any fatty foods…cause we aren’t supposed to have them.

Most frequently dialed number on my cell phone – My parents house…I talk to them all the time.

On a long trip, would you rather drive or ride? Drive

What is your worst habit? I think I have too many to list…

What is your favorite accessory? shoes

If you could bring one thing from your home town, what would it be? My sista =)

One thing I have to do in my lifetime – Go to Greece

What is the most memorable match that you played in at Iowa? When I beat the record for most digs in a match during pre-season this year.

What is one of your favorite memories you’ll take from your experience as an Iowa volleyball player? I don’t think I have one favorite memory…I think I’ll take away all the friends that I have made on this team!