At The Top

June 26, 2005

“Who can cause change with a single phone call or signature? Whose decisions have lasting repercussions? Who has border-to-border-and-beyond name recognition?” writes Randy Peterson in today’s editions of the Des Moines Register.

“I don’t know what I’d do if I weren’t in this business. There’s only so much wood to cut, and only so much grass to mow.”
UI Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby

“The same person whose daughter cried when students chanted at a men’s basketball game that her father should be fired. The same person who hired the state’s most successful college football coach.

“The person deemed by a majority of Iowa’s most prominent and influential people to be the state’s most powerful sports figure is Iowa athletic director Bob Bowlsby, whose broad reach has included hiring and firing some of the state’s most popular coaches, helping choose the 65 teams for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and raising money for an $86.8 million renovation of one of the most hallowed football stadiums in the country.”

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