Hawkeyes Make Top 25

March 3, 2006

The University of Iowa women’s track team is nationally ranked for the first time in school history. The Hawkeyes are tied for 25th according to The Trackwire Top 25 list.

The Trackwire 25 is compiled by Gery Verigin of www.trackwire.com. The list ranks schools according to a projected hypothetical score for the NCAA Indoor Championships and takes into account injury reports, information gathered from coaches and NCAA-qualifying competitions across the country. The projected score is generated by a power ranking of the top 12 athletes and relay squads in each NCAA event.

Women's Trackwire 25 - February 27, 20061. 	Texas, 522. 	Stanford, 443. 	Auburn, 414. 	Nebraska, 365. 	Arizona State, 356. 	South Carolina, 26t7. 	LSU, 25t7. 	Michigan, 259. 	North Carolina, 2410. 	Tennessee, 2211. 	Providence, 20t12. 	Georgia, 19t12. 	Miami, 19t14. 	Villanova, 16t14. 	Southern Illinois, 1616. 	Alabama, 14t17. 	UCLA, 13t17. 	Northern Arizona, 13t17. 	Penn State, 13t20. 	Washington State, 11t20. 	Georgia Tech, 11t22. 	Oregon, 10t22. 	Minnesota, 10t22. 	USC, 10t25. 	Florida State, 8t25. 	Virginia Tech, 8t25. 	Iowa, 8t25.	Maryland, 8