Hawkeys Place Eighth at Pre-Nationals

Oct. 13, 2007

TERRE HAUTE, IN– The men’s and women’s cross country teams traveled to Terre Haute, IN to compete in the pre-nationals. The women raced among 10 ranked teams in the 6,000 meter race, while the men raced against 13 nationally ranked teams in the 8,000 meter race.

In the women’s race the nationally eighth ranked Princeton captured the team title. Pacing the pack was Jenny Barringer from Colorado winning the individual title in a time of 19:48. The Hawkeyes had five personal bests and were led to an eighth place finish by senior Diane Nukuri. Nukuri placed third and set a new school record in the 6,000-meters with a time of 20:11. Other runners for Iowa were senior Meghan Armstrong (15th, 20:38), sophomore Jolly Burke (17th, 20:41), sophomore Krista Anderson (100th, 21:46), senior Jessica Schmidt (126th, 22: 03), freshman Lauren Hardesty (143rd, 22:18) and senior Molly Esche (170th, 22:45).

The Hawkeyes will compete next at the Big Ten Championships.

1. Princeton 149 points
2. Arizona State 171 points
3. Michigan 173 points
4. Washington 187 points
5. Illinois 189 points
6. Colorado 231 points
7. Brigham Young 231 points
8. IOWA 261 points
9. Providence 287 points
10. Florida 322 points

1. Jenny Barringer (Colorado) 19:48
2. Brianna Felnagle (North Carolina) 19:56
3. Diane Nukuri (IOWA) 20:11
4. Angela Bizzarri (Illinois) 20:13
5. Lisa Koll (Iowa State) 20:15
15. Meghan Armstrong (IOWA) 20:38
17. Jolly Burke (IOWA) 20:41
100. Krista Anderson (IOWA) 21:46
126. Jessica Schmidt (IOWA) 22:03
143. Lauren Hardesty (IOWA) 22:18
170. Molly Esche (IOWA) 22:45

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