Hawkeyes Earn Two Victories in Miami


Jan. 5, 2008

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MIAMI, FL – The University of Iowa women’s swimming team was in Miami, FL today for the Florida International Invitational. Iowa competed against American, Florida International, Lake Forest, and Oakland in an unconventional meet that consisted of many events the Hawkeyes swam for the first time this season. If this meet is any indication, this week’s rigorous training is paying off as the men won with a score of 172 and the women took first place with a score of 178.

“This was a fun meet and a very good win for us, especially in this period of intense training.” said Iowa head coach Marc Long afterwards.

The meet included only eight events, all relays, and saw the women win all of them and the men win all but two. For the men, 13 different Hawkeyes helped their relay teams to first place finishes led by freshman Richard Salhus, who was part of four of the six winning relays. Not far behind was freshman Conor Dwyer with three victories. Fifteen different women claimed first place finishes led by freshman Katarina Tour with five and junior Alison Gschwend, sophomore Christine Kuczek, and sophomore Julie deBruin with four relay victories apiece.

The Hawkeyes will return to action on January 18 when Western Illinois comes to Iowa City. The meet is scheduled to start at 5 p.m.

IOWA 172
Oakland 102
American 46
Lake Forest 24

IOWA 178
Oakland 102
Florida International 42
American 30

400 Medley Relay
1. Oakland `A’ 3:32.19
(Downing, Bonucchi, Tansel, Kellogg)
2. IOWA `A’ 3:33.82
(Whaley, Ryan, Keeling, Farris)
3. IOWA `B’ 3:37.38
(Lenert, A. Dragon, J. Dragon, Miner)
4. IOWA `C’ 3:48.29
(Hill, Hugo, Wessels, Hagan)

500 Freestyle Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 4:09.76
(Jones, Salhus, Farris, Dwyer)
3. IOWA `B’ 4:14.37
(Hagan, Miner, Christensen, Schubert)
5. IOWA `C’ 4:22.94
(Siefers, Strbac, Verink, Adams)

200 Butterfly Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 1:36.52
(J. Dragon, Keeling, Wessels, Salhus)
3. IOWA `B’ 1:38.54
(Dwyer, A. Dragon, Lenert, Schubert)
4. IOWA `C’ 1:41.44
(Moore, Verink, Whaley, Jones)

200 Breaststroke Relay
1. Oakland `A’ 1:49.72
(Kellogg, Bonucchi, Toro, Megli)
2. IOWA `A’ 1:51.71
(Ryan, A. Dragon, Hugo, Hagan)
3. IOWA `B’ 1:58.28
(Adams, Dragon, Lenert, Wessels)
4. IOWA `C’ 2:01.94
(Farris, Christnesen, Keeling, Jones)

400 Freestyle Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 3:11.60
(Farris, Salhus, Whaley, Dwyer)
3. IOWA `B’ 3:20.43
(Moore, Miner, Hagan, Jones)
4. IOWA `C’ 3:23.41
(Hill, Strbac, Siefers, Christensen)

200 Backstroke Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 1:42.06
(Whaley, Lenert, Hill, Adams)
2. IOWA `B’ 1:43.63
(Dwyer, Farris, Miner, Moore)
6. IOWA `C’ 1:52.92
(Hugo, Verink, Siefers, Schubert)

400 Medley Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 3:42.46
(A. Dragon, Wessels, J. Dragon, Hagan)
3. IOWA `B’ 3:57.84
(Keeling, Hugo, Verink, Ryan)
4. IOWA `C’ 3:58.85
(Adams, Schubert, Hill, Christensen)

200 Freestyle Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 1:26.73
(Salhus, Jones, Hagan, Dwyer)
2. IOWA `B’ 1:31.21
(Whaley, Moore, Farris, Keeling)
4. IOWA `C’ 1:31.37
(Siefers, Strbac, Miner, J. Dragon)

400 Medley Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 4:01.98
(Gschwend, Tour, Mozdzen, Kuczek)
3. IOWA `B’ 4:08.80
(Wex, Feingold, Michelau, deBruin)
4. IOWA `C’ 4:15.19
(Leigh, Johns, Schulte, Neubauer)

500 Freestyle Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 4:42.10
(deBruin, Gschwend, Kuczek, Dell)
2. IOWA `B’ 4:47.49
(Polz, Carlyle, Michelau, Neubauer)
5. IOWA `C’ 4:54.91
(Tour, Schulte, Leigh, Lawler)

200 Butterfly Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 1:49.27
(Mozdzen, Michelau, Tour, deBruin)
2. IOWA `B’ 1:52.30
(Schulte, Feingold, Gschwend, Neubauer)
4. IOWA `C’ 1:56.83
(Dell, Johns, Lee, Kuczek)

200 Breaststroke Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 2:08.33
(Feingold, Tour, Johns, Lee)
5. IOWA `B’ 2:26.39

400 Freestyle Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 3:40.25
(Gschwend, deBruin, Carlyle, Kuczek)
2. IOWA `B’ 3:47.81
(Neubauer, Leigh, Tour, Schulte)
4. IOWA `C’ 3:49.12
(Michelau, Polz, Dell, Lawler)

200 Backstroke Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 1:51.89
(Gschwend, Wex, Leigh, Tour)
3. IOWA `B’ 1:58.84
(Schwartz, Neubauer, Johnson, Schulte)

400 Medley Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 4:12.01
(Tour, Neubauer, Feingold, Mozdzen)
4. IOWA `B’ 4:24.46
(Gschwend, Lee, Johns, Dell)
8. IOWA `C’ 4:50.00
(Michelau, Wex, Polz, Johnson)

200 Freestyle Relay
1. IOWA `A’ 1:40.07
(Kuczek, deBruin, Carlyle, Polz)
3. IOWA `B’ 1:44.12
(Schulte, Neubauer, Leigh, Gschwend)
6. IOWA `C’ 1:48.83
(Wex, Lawler, Schwartz, Johnson)