Getting to Know...Tiffany Hendricks

Feb. 11, 2009

IOWA CITY, IA – Being a student-athlete at the University of Iowa is hard, there’s no question about it. Besides performing in your sport at the Division-1 collegiate level, you’re expected to simultaneously balance academics, essentially doing twice as much work as the average college student with about half the time. Oh, and you have to maintain your sanity throughout it all. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Definitely not. In fact, athletes like sophomore Tiffany Hendricks have found a way to not only balance the two, but excel in both.

When the Burlington, IA, native isn’t studying to get into law school, she’s laying down the law on the track. Last year as a freshman in the indoor season, Hendricks anchored the team-leading 1,600-meter relay team (3:43.83) that ranks fourth in school history. In the 2008 outdoor season, she was part of the team-leading 1,600-meter relay (3:44.21), distance medley relay (12:03.66), and the 800-meter relay (1:39.74). Her versatility stretches back to high school, holding school records in two relays, the long jump, as well as lettering three years in volleyball. Oh, and did I mention she was a four-year honors student in high school also? Being busy is something Hendricks is used to and thrives from.

“As a student-athlete, being busy is both good and bad,” Hendricks says. “It forces you to focus 100% on everything your doing and organize yourself really well. But then again, I do miss having a social life.”

During her free time from track, Hendricks likes to flex her creative muscle as well. She likes to paint, draw, and dance. She says she spends most of her time on the road drawing as well. Even the most ideal student-athletes are not without their trip-ups however.

“My worst moment would be last year when I forgot the baton for my 1,600-meter relay. I was leading off and it was almost time for the race to start and I didn’t know where the baton was. Everyone had to run around and frantically search for one. It was pretty embarrassing.”

Forgetfulness aside, Hendricks really is proving that excelling at being a student-athlete in college is possible while maintaining your sanity.

The Bio
Tiffany Hendricks
Birthday: January 9th, 1989
Year in School: Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s): Psychology, Pre-Law
Hometown: Burlington, IA

What attracted me to Iowa: convenient distance from home, academics, older sister was an Iowa grad
Best concert I’ve ever been to: Nine Inch Nails
Food I couldn’t live without: Smoothies and frozen goodies
Biggest Pet Peeve: Being stuck behind slow walkers
Most embarrassing CD I own: Barney sing-a-long