Getting to Know...Hannah Roeder

April 15, 2009

IOWA CITY, IA – Once you know junior Hannah Roeder’s journey to the University of Iowa track team, it is no surprise that she is a distance runner, given the distances she’s already had to cover.

“I grew up in Des Moines a Hawkeye fan,” says Roeder, “because I have family that went to Iowa. When I finished high school I was ready to leave so I went out to UCLA. I met a lot of good people there, but it just wasn’t for me, so I returned to Iowa to be closer to home.”

After a trip west and back again, Roeder’s travels aren’t even close to being completed. After college, she plans on joining the Peace Corps to put her love of travel to philanthropic use. For now however, running on the distance squad, cycling, and exploring other campuses when the team is on the road feeds her appetite to be mobile.

Roeder’s most embarrassing competition moment almost saw her going the wrong direction.

“At the 2008 cross country regionals, I wasn’t wearing the matching uniform for the team, so I was scrambling to put on the right one at the starting line. When I pulled it over my head, I realized I was facing the wrong way. I righted myself and started the race the right way, though.”

When she finds the time to sit still for a while, Roeder likes to just hang out and watch movies. Her favorite TV show was E.R. but she’s now figuring out what else to watch since E.R. ended. As far as food goes, she says sweet potatoes are the one that she can’t live without.

If Roeder’s start to the 2009 outdoor season is any indication, sitting still is the last thing she’ll be doing. Roeder hit a regionally qualifying mark with a win in the 3,000-meter steeplechase (10:40.86) at the Tiger Track Classic earlier this month. She also says her personal goal for the season is to score at the Big Ten Championships in the steeplechase.

They say that the world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read a page. Roeder is still looking forward to the coming chapters.

The Bio
Hannah Roeder
Birthday: November 27, 1987
Year in School: Junior
Major(s)/Minor(s): International Studies / Integrative Physiology
Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Best part of being a student athlete: Different and unique college experience
How I spend my spare time on the road: Studying and exploring other campuses
Most famous person I’ve ever met: Barack Obama in Des Moines on the campaign trail
Best concert I’ve ever been to: Tom Petty
Biggest Pet Peeve: People cracking their knuckles
Most embarrassing movie I own: 27 Dresses