Getting to Know...Zach Schimp

April 15, 2009

IOWA CITY, IA – Sometimes, it pays to be obsessed with what you do. Iowa junior Zach Schimp is a self-described “javelin nerd”, and his relentless focus on his sport has done him well.

After transferring from West Chester College in Pennsylvania in 2007 and redshirting the 2008 season, Schimp came out strong in his Hawkeye debut at the Tiger Track Classic earlier this month, finishing second in the javelin with a regional qualifying mark of 206-3 that ranks third in school history. Schimp competes in other field events, but says that javelin is his favorite.

“The best part about being a collegiate athlete is being able to do your sport after high school at a competitive level,” says Schimp. “Most people might do a sport in high school and that’s the end of it, but to be able to do something you love at this level is great.”

Schimp’s favorite athlete is Olympic javelin thrower Jan Zelezny, the only javelin thrower in Olympic history to win three gold medals and four total medals. When asked if there was anyone famous he’d like to meet, Schimp said that the only person he’d want to meet is an elite javelin thrower instead of the usual celebrities. Schimp leaves no doubt to his dedication.

As focused and competitive as he is in competition, he describes himself as easy-going. He doesn’t let many things annoy him, and he says he stays away from superstitions saying they inevitably fail. When at home, he likes to play video games and watch movies. He also says that when he’s bored on the road, he likes to read sci-fi novels, a hobby he has recently started.

He is also a team-oriented athlete. His goal for the season is for the team to score a lot of points at the Big Ten Championships, especially his fellow throwers. He says he’d like to see at least eight regional qualifiers out of his throwing teammates, setting a good example by doing so himself.

Who ever said the nerds of the world don’t succeed?

The Bio
Zach Schimp
Birthday: September 17, 1986
Year in School: Junior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Health Promotions
Hometown: Marietta, PA

Best part of being a student athlete: Being able to compete in a sport I love at a very competitive level
People who have influenced me the most: Parents, Grandmother
Last movie I saw, was it any good: Twilight, liked it
Food I couldn’t live without: Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Favorite TV show: South Park