Iowa Kicks Off Season With Intrasquad Meet

Dec. 6, 2009

IOWA CITY, IA – The University of Iowa track squads kicked off their indoor season today with the 2009 Intrasquad Meet at the UI Recreation Building. Old and new faces competed side-by-side as a preview for the rest of the 2009-10 indoor track season.

In the sprint events, junior Zeke Sayon was the leader in the men’s 60-meter dash, clocking in at 6.90, finishing neck-and-neck with sophomore D’Juan Richardson at 6.90. Similar to the men’s race, the women’s 60 meters saw senior Rhonda-Kaye Trusty and freshman Raven Moore finishing together at 7.66. The men’s 60 meter hurdles finals saw freshmen Jordan Mullen and Ethan Holmes squaring off, with Mullen (1st, 8.44) barely edging out Holmes (2nd, 8.63).

Senior Adam Hairston looks to continue his success in the middle-distance, winning the 1,000 meters with a mark of 2:26.05. Juniors Bethany Praska and Steven Willey won the women’s and men’s 600 meters with respective marks of 1:36.05 and 1:20.45.

There were a lot of new faces in the women’s field events. Freshman Tiffany Medenwaldt won the women’s shot put (44’11”, 13.71m) and finished second in the weight throw (47’11”, 14.62m) behind fellow freshman Majesty Tutson (48’9″, 14.87m). Senior Caleigh Bacchus returned to action after battling through injuries last season to win the women’s high jump (5’8″, 1.73m). A young men’s throwing squad from last year is a little more experienced and are looking to compete as well as their graduated predecessors. Sophomore Ryan Lamparek won the men’s shot put (54’11”, 16.76m) and weight throw (56’11”, 17.35m), while sophomore Matt Banse was right behind him in both (52’10”, 16.11m)(56’5″, 17.20m).

“I think it’s a very good start for us,” said Men’s Head Coach Larry Wieczorek. “I think we really looked good tonight. I was really excited about the high jumping, having three guys go 6’10”. The sprinters looked good, the middle distance runners looked good, we had a couple PR’s in the weight throw and the shot, so overall I’m pretty happy with what we’ve done tonight.”

“We have a lot of youngsters, so it was good to see them compete in uniform for the first time,” said Women’s Head Coach Layne Anderson. “I think we have an outstanding group and the key for us will be to stay healthy going forward and make sure our key people are out there. We also want to bring along some of those younger athletes and put them in a position to make an impact going forward into the indoor season.”

The Hawkeyes will have to wait until the New Year until their next competition, when the men’s team heads to the University of Illinois for the Illinois Dual Meet on Saturday, Jan. 9. The men’s squad will return home the following week to join the women’s team for the Iowa Open on Saturday, Jan. 16, with events slated to start at 11:00 a.m. CT.


Men’s 60-meter dash (p=preliminary finish)
1. Zeke Sayon 6.90 (p=2nd, 6.95)
2. D’Juan Richardson 6.90 (p=1st, 6.90)
3. Stephen Bee 7.00 (p=3rd, 7.02)
4. Kevin Dibbern 7.13 (p=4th, 7.12)
5. Will Cranford 7.23 (p=5th, 7.16)
6. Josh Bean 7.47 (p=6th, 7.47)

Women’s 60-meter dash (p=preliminary finish)
1. Rhonda-Kaye Trusty 7.66 (p=1st, 7.69p)
2. Raven Moore 7.66 (p=2nd, 7.69p)
3. Renee White (un) 7.81 (p=3rd, 7.86p)
4. Emily Moore 8.04 ( p=4th, 7.92p)
5. Tiffany Hendricks 8.16 (p=5th, 8.17p)
6. Nicole Erickson 8,25 (p=6th, 8.19)
7. Mariah Jordan 8.31 (p=8th, 8.29)
8. Bethany Praska 8.33 (p=7th, 8.28)
9. Leia Scott 8.32
10. Hannah Simonson 8.35
11. Kelsey Mims 8.39

Men’s 60-meter hurdles
1. Jordan Mullen 8.44 (p=1st, 8.35)
2. Ethan Holmes 8.63 (p=3rd, 8.68)
3. Kyle Ried (p=4th, 9.18)
4. Frank Prill (p=2nd, 8.62)
5. Dan Rolling (p=5th, 10.00)

Women’s Mile
1. Hannah Roeder 5:08.88
2. Katie Ellis 5:09.41
3. Jackie Laesch 5:34.67
4. Susan Kuhl 5:42.25

Men’s Mile
1. Brian Marchese 4:12.06
2. Nick Holmes 4:19.19

Men’s 400-meter dash
1. Connor Elmitt 50.56
2. Matt Rammelsberg 50.76

Women’s 600-meter dash
1. Bethany Praska 1:36.05
2. Nicole Erickson 1:38.00
3. Sophia Ponce 1:43.55
4. Brittany Dlhy 1:45.09

Men’s 600-meter dash
1. Steven Willey 1:20.45
2. Chris Barton 1:21.61
3. Dan Kuhlman 1:21.73
4. Ray Varner 1:22.09
5. Keaton Rickels 1:22.91
6. Zach Splan 1:24.68

Women’s 300-meter dash
1. Rhonda-Kaye Trusty 40.09
2. Emily Moore 40.27
3. Tiffany Hendricks 40.91
4. Kelsey Mims 41.60
5. Mariah Jordan 43.59
6. Hannah Simonson 43.73

Men’s 300-meter Dash
1. D’Juan Richardson 34.34
2. Patrick Richards 34.64
3. Kevin Dibbern 34.97
4. Stephen Bee 35.61
5. Zeke Sayon 36.29
6. Jordan Mullen 36.72

Men’s 1,000-meter run
1. Adam Hairston 2:26.05
2. Erik Sowinski 2:27.20
3. Nick Kuczwara 2:29.15
4. Zack Braff 2:29.27

Women’s 1,600-meter relay
1. Team B 4:05.10
2. Team A 4:07.41

Women’s High Jump
1. Caleigh Bacchus 1.73m
2. Megan Glisar 1.68m
3. Eva Greenwalt 1.58m

Men’s High Jump
1. Jeffery Herron 2.08m
2. Dan Rolling 2.08m
3. Graham Valdes 2.08m
4. Matt Newman 2.03m

Women’s Shot Put
1. Tiffany Medenwaldt 13.71m
2. Rachel Curry 12.92m
3. Majesty Tutson 12.62m
4. Ashlyn Gulvas 11.38m
5. Peaches Roach (un) 10.69m
6. Missy Miller 9.93m

Men’s Shot Put
1. Ryan Lamparek 16.76m
2. Matt Banse 16.11m
3. Nick Brayton 15.64m
4. Dan Rolling 10.38m
5. Frank Prill 9.83m
6. Kyle Ried 9.76m

Women’s Long Jump
1. Renee White 5.84m
2. Emily Moore 5.72m
3. Leia Scott 5.28m
4. Missy Miller 4.63m

Men’s Long Jump
1. Josh Bean 7.26m
2. Will Cranford 6.88m

Women’s Pole Vault
1. Katie Truedson 3.20m
2. Kirsten Weismantle 2.90m

Men’s Pole Vault
1. Kyle Reid 4.40m
2. Frank Prill 4.40m
3. Mark Mankivsky NH
4. Alex Zona NH

Women’s Weight Throw
1. Majesty Tutson 14.87m
2. Tiffany Medenwaldt 14.62m
3. Kelsey Taylor 13.64m
4. Jasmine Simpson 13.58m
5. Ashlyn Gulvas 11.86m

Men’s Weight Throw
1. Ryan Lamparek 17.35m
2. Matt Banse 17.20m
3. Thomas Reynolds 13.06m