Field Hockey Attacks "Off" Season

Jan. 19, 2010

IOWA CITY, IA – While many University of Iowa students were making plans for their long winter break, the University of Iowa Field Hockey team was battling through a battery of fitness and performance tests. Even though the season had come to an end and the student-athletes are headed into their “off” season, the preparation for fall 2010 began immediately. For five straight days the team participated in hours of running and lifting to test the physical fitness and capabilities of each individual athlete.

Field hockey strength and conditioning coach Gabriela Quiggle was very encouraged during testing week.

“It is amazing to see how hard these women push themselves during test week,” said Quiggle. “Not only are they trying to set personal records for each test they perform, they are also constantly inspiring each other to succeed and compete.”

The entire Iowa strength and conditioning staff participated and assisted in all aspects of the testing week. Having multiple strength coaches present to motivate and lend a hand during testing made for an effective and efficient week.

“It is not common to see five strength coaches assisting with one sport’s testing,” add Director of Strength and Conditioning J.C. Moreau, “but the atmosphere it creates and the attention to detail we are able to provide is outstanding.”

The strength and conditioning department was joined by an encouraging and cheerful field hockey coaching staff, including Head Coach Tracey Griesbaum and assistant coaches Lisa Cellucci and Caroline Blaum. As a result, the team entered the strength and conditioning room prepared to compete with their best effort each and every day. Coach Quiggle finished the week tremendously optimistic for the upcoming offseason.

“If we can continue to build on that effort and intensity we will have plenty to look forward to in 2010”.