Strength & Conditioning Newsletter

Nov. 8, 2010


IOWA CITY, Iowa – This is a lesson that we like to preach each and every day. If we take care of the little things day by day, the big things will take care of themselves. What are the little things? The little things are all the small details that you can choose to do with perfection or to simply overlook, everyday! Do you finish every drill as hard as you can? Do you manage your time wisely? Was your footwork perfect on every drill you did in individuals today? Did you take 200 practice shots, as prescribed, or 198? All of these seemingly small details will catch up with you in the end. Your conditioning may suffer, as well as a particular skill, your footwork and efficiency, your grades and ultimately your ability to help the team accomplish its goals!

It is the willingness to prepare to be the best that will separate us from our competition, identify us as Hawkeyes and ultimately lead to us to being crowned Champions!!!

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