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Dec. 20, 2010


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IOWA CITY, Iowa – This week’s tip is ironic because it creates an interesting dilemma based on last week’s article about the dangers of UV rays. Many of us go out of our ways to avoid spending much time in the sun for the exact health concerns mentioned last week. Because of this most people have a vitamin D deficiency, and research increasingly links that to a number of health problems such as weak bones and muscles. Even more disturbing for athletes is that a deficiency in vitamin D can mess with your testosterone.

While the exact reason is unknown, high vitamin D levels are associated with elevated levels of testosterone. In fact in a recent study, researchers found that subjects who supplemented with vitamin D for four weeks while strength training increased their power output compared to a placebo group. This is obviously very concerning to athletes. It is recommended that you supplement vitamin D by taking 1000-2000 IU twice daily with food. An important note to consider is that there are two supplemental versions of vitamin D. Be sure to get the more effective D3 and not D2.

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