DePalma Focused on Spring Season

Feb. 20, 2013

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Junior Anna DePalma was on the move over her winter break, but that didn’t stop her from improving her golf game.

DePalma, who is coming off an injury, traveled to California, Arizona, and Oregon during winter break, but golf was still at the top of her mind.

“I have been coming off an injury so it was very important for me to keep my mental game extremely strong,” DePalma said. “I have been working on that and since I have been back from winter break, I have been really working on my short game and getting my swing up to par.”

DePalma has been able to work on her short game thanks to the opening of the brand new James M. Hoak Golf Complex. DePalma is from San Clemente, Calif., and spent two seasons at the University of Hawaii before transferring to Iowa, so indoor golf is a new concept.

“The day I walked in the new golf complex I was so excited I could not stop smiling,” DePalma said. “I have never experienced hitting out of a bay before or practicing indoors, so this is a whole new experience for me. We are so lucky to have it at our convenience and so close to us.

DePalma has been working hard on her game in order to crack the lineup for the first time as a Hawkeye. When it comes to the upcoming spring semester, DePalma said she wants to focus on the present.

“This spring I just have to stay in the present and take it one shot at a time. I have to fully commit to every shot with perfect preparation and not get upset over things I cannot control.”