A Family Tradition

Aug. 22, 2015

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IOWA CITY, Iowa For University of Iowa women’s golfer Briana Midkiff, school is already in session.

While UI undergraduate students officially start the fall semester August 24, Midkiff and her college of pharmacy classmates have already been at it for a week.


“This whole first week has been orientation,” said Midkiff. “Next week will be more training, patient care, and health screen, so I’m glad it will be more hands on.”

Last winter Midkiff was one of 108 students to be accepted into the college of pharmacy — a long time goal for the Carmel, Indiana, native.

“Both of my parents actually graduated from the college of pharmacy at Iowa,” said Midkiff. “My uncle also graduated from here. It’s a part of our family.

“Growing up, I always had pharmacy in the back of my mind, and when I started college I knew that pharmacy was my goal all along.”

With a family full of Iowa alums, Midkiff’s decision to come to Iowa was a no brainer. Not only did it give her the chance to succeed on the golf course, it also provided academically. Three-years later, she is more than happy with her decision.

“I have always been a big Hawkeye fan,” Midkiff said. “I’m blessed that I was able to play golf and get my education here. I think it is going to be a great advantage for me to be able to graduate from such a great institution, and I am lucky to be a part of it.”

Now, Midkiff will have to learn how to mix a nationally-ranked graduate school curriculum (the UI college of pharmacy was ranked No. 17 by the U.S. News & World Report in 2015) with playing a collegiate sport. However, it is a task she already feels prepared for.

“One thing I have learned in my three years is time management, because we always had tournaments, practice, and school work to balance,” said Midkiff. “I’ve gotten good at getting the most out of every practice so that I can have time to do other things. It’s not necessarily the quantity of practice, but the quality.”

Although Midkiff knows she is embarking on a rigorous year, she’s ready to embrace all that is thrown her way.

“I know it is going to be a challenge, but I am always up to challenges,” Midkiff said. “Golf has taught me to embrace a challenge and give it my best. I’m excited to see how well I can do both.”

Knowing she also has the full support of fifth-year head coach Megan Menzel makes it easier too.

“My coach is so understanding and cooperative,” said Midkiff. She’s always willing to work with me, and she completely understands that the student comes before the athlete. My academic advisor has also been awesome. I couldn’t be where I am, athletically or academically, without them.”

Midkiff and the Iowa women’s golf team kick off the fall season hosting the Diane Thomason Invitational at Finkbine Golf Course on Sept. 12-13.

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