Mylenek Earns All-Region Honors

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PEORIA, Ill. — University of Iowa junior Nathan Mylenek placed third in 30:55.2 at the NCAA Midwest Cross Country Regionals hosted by Bradley University on Friday. Mylenek marked the best finish at the event since 2006 when Micah VanDenend won the 10,000-meter race.
34524 “What a performance by Nathan Mylenek, so proud of him,” head coach Randy Hasenbank said. “This is a huge accomplishment for him and our program. The guy has a lot of confidence and is a competitor in every sense of the word. It has been his goal for the season to get in that national meet. He was dialed in and very determined.”
With unfavorable weather, Mylenek prospered, improving 29 spots from the 2017 NCAA Regional and earning a ticket to the NCAA Championships next Saturday, November 17.
“The course ran very slow as a result of the early morning snowfall,” Hasenbank said. “Very muddy and slick, footing became very, very difficult.”
He also led the Hawkeyes to a seventh-place finish, the best team finish since 2014.
Behind Mylenek, Karson Sommer and Ian Eklin finished in second and fourth scoring positions for the Hawkeyes, recording their best finishes at NCAA Regionals in 35th and 60th, respectively. Daniel Murphy finished in third scoring (32:07.4) position in his first regional race.
In the women’s 6,000 meters, senior Andrea Shine led the Hawkeyes to a 12th-place finish. Shine closed out her career in 31st (21:23.2).  
“Shine put the finishing touches on a great career,” Hasenbank said. “Just tracking her progress from freshman year to this point, the improvement has been amazing. She did not have her best day today, but I am very proud of her regardless. Her contribution to the program means a lot. In addition to her running skills, she showed tremendous growth as a leader this year. She turned into a fearless competitor, and this gives our women a lot of confidence.
“It was a difficult day overall,” Hasenbank said. “Not the result we wanted. We did have a young lineup, and they got some seasoning today. The experience will propel them and serve as good motivation. I think they also walk away with a great appreciation of just how many great runners and teams are in the region.”
Freshmen Jessica McKee and Ashley Bryja recorded career best 6,000-meter times of 22:07.8 and 22:34.0, respectively.
The teams have closed out their seasons, but Mylenek has a one more race next Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin.
Women’s 6,000 Meters
Andrea Shine, 21:23.2, 31st
Anna Hostetler, 21:37.0, 54th
Megan Schott, 21:37.2, 55th
Grace McCabe, 22:03.8, 96th
Jessica McKee, 22:07.8, 107th
Ashley Bryja, 22:34.0, 142nd
Jordan Winke, 23:11.9, 182nd
Men’s 10,000 Meters
Nathan Mylenek, 30:55.2, 3rd
Karson Sommer, 31:47.9, 35th
Daniel Murphy, 32:07.4, 47th
Ian Eklin, 32:16.3, 60th
Bailey Hesse-Withbroe, 33:00.0, 104th
Brandon Cooley, 33:12.9, 116th
Spencer Smith, 33:17.6, 119th