Hawkeye Shakeout: LaSarah Hargrove

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — Freshman LaSarah Hargrove came to Iowa from Tampa, Florida, hoping to see the progress and success from her first indoor season translate into what would be her first outdoor season. That opportunity never came, and Hargrove, like many others, experienced shock then empathy as the news rolled out.
“Initially when I first found out, I was in shock,” said Hargrove. “It didn’t even feel real because nothing like this has ever happened. I was actually at practice with all my teammates when we found out. We were all really surprised because it did not feel real. Eventually, I gained a better understanding of why it happened.”
Although Hargrove’s first season was cut short, she is filled with optimism and plans to come back stronger.
“Next year, I am going to work even harder than I did this year because you never know when it could all be taken away,” said Hargrove. “I learned to never take anything for granted and to be more appreciative every time I step on the track.”
Hargrove started her Hawkeye career with a bang. She placed third at the Black & Gold Invite on Feb. 1 with a collegiate-best 7.51 that lands her at No. 8 on Iowa’s all-time list. She also saw track time at the Big Ten Indoor Championships in the 60 meters (7.58) and the 200 meters (24.79).
With training and online schooling being done in sunny Tampa, Florida, this is LaSarah Hargrove’s Hawkeye Shakeout.

How has online school and training been going not being at Iowa?
“I took a couple weeks off, but now I have gotten back into training. The weather is so nice here. At first, school was difficult because I had only taken one online class before. It was definitely an adjustment but now that I have a routine it’s a lot easier.”

What has been your favorite Hawkeye memory so far?
“My favorite moment as a Hawkeye is just being able to compete alongside my teammates. I have been on teams before but never just with a sprinter group, so being able to train with them and make awesome connections is really special. Also, just getting to wear the Iowa uniform and represent my school.”

What is your goal for the 2020-21 season?
“My biggest goal for next year is to stay healthy and I want to at least make it to the finals at the Big Ten Outdoor Championships.”

What have you been doing during quarantine?
“During quarantine, I have been reading a lot and I started watching the show Ozark. It is really good. It has been nice to come home since it is usually just for holidays. I am really just enjoying this time with family.”