Hawkeye Shakeout: Aly Weum

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — Perseverance is one word Aly Weum knows well. With the outdoor season approaching, she was pushing through pain to keep her goals on track. But now, with the abrupt end of the 2020 season, she is using this time to get healthy and stronger than before.
“It didn’t feel real. I heard everything but it took a while to process and for it to really hit me that we were actually done,” said Weum. “I was sad because Big Tens this year meant that I would be competing in my hometown and I was really excited about that. It was it hard, but at the same time I had this sense of relief because I was struggling with my Achilles and it is still not great. Looking back at it, it was a blessing in disguise.”
Weum was able to record a new collegiate-best (1:30.86) in the 600 meters at the Meyo Invite on Feb 8. That time ranks No. 6 all-time at Iowa. With many goals on her mind, she was excited to earn a spot on the 4×4 relay time at the Big Ten Championships, a special accomplishment knowing the conference meet was going to be in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.
“This outdoor season, I was going to focus on the 400 and my overall goal was to qualify at least for regionals in the 400,” said Weum. “We were going to also run a couple 800s just to get a benchmark to see where I was, and I was going to try to work for a spot on that 4×8 at the Drake Relays. Also, making the Big Ten final in the open 400 and have the 4×4 go to nationals. Those are pretty big goals that will have to wait until next year.” 
Not expecting to be home as long as she has been, Weum is adapting to online schooling and a new way to train as a collegiate athlete, alone. This is Aly Weum’s Hawkeye Shakeout.
What has been a memorable moment during your Hawkeye career?
“One of my unforgettable moments as a Hawkeye was running the 4×4 and winning the Big Ten title my sophomore year. Before the race, Tria (Simmons), Bri (Guillory), Jenny (Kimbro), and I were just sitting talking about what our goal was for this race and we all agreed it was to go out there and win a gold medal. Bri said, ‘you name it, we do it.’ Then we went out and did it. It was right after the boys had won the 4×4 as well, so it was super exciting.”

How has online school been going?
“I have been trying to keep up with a schedule as much as possible. I definitely prefer my schedule in- person in Iowa City. It was nice to have online school for like a week, but now I miss my normal schedule. I’ve been staying on top of things but it’s obviously not ideal.”

How have you adjusted your training?
“We’ve shifted the training a little bit.  Working as if we still have a season, but at the same time altering because we are working out alone. My goal has been to stay aerobically fit and to remain on that path to getting my Achilles healthy. Coach Wakenight and I communicate two or three times a week. It is nice that he keeps tabs on me. It holds me accountable.”

How have you been spending your quarantine?
“I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family and my puppy, Henry. My sister loves to work out, so we have been doing a lot of Peloton workouts and I have tried a bunch of Pinterest recipes. I’ve been trying to do school and train as normal as possible. The following Monday after finals I start my remote internship.”

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