Why Iowa? Perspective From 2020 Recruits

“The people made me feel comfortable and I could sense a positive team atmosphere. I also loved that I would be able to learn by example in addition to the great coaching I would receive, as the team has many experienced returners. I also knew academically that Iowa was the best choice for me, considering all of my interests. Iowa felt like home.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Alivia Bauer 

“I chose the University of Iowa because of all the opportunities they have to offer, especially with my nursing major, I know I’ll get a lot of hands on experience. Another reason I chose Iowa is because of the amazing coaches, athletes, and the diverse environment.”
Taylor Cannon

“I chose Iowa because of the amazing team atmosphere, the great academic opportunities, the ability to compete in one of strongest conferences in the nation, and how dedicated the coaches are to making their team stronger and overall better athletes.”
Claire Edmondson 

“I chose Iowa because this program has the ability to develop athletes on and off the track. Coach Hasenbank worked on making a genuine connection with me and has continued to inspire all his athletes to train with passion and grit. Academically, Iowa provides one of the best business programs which can open a lot of opportunities. My sister was also a major deciding factor in this decision as she is my number one supporter and has shown tremendous growth from being a part of this team. I am beyond excited to race for the hawks and I know I will be in good hands.”
Brooklyn McKee

“The University of Iowa is multifaceted. Not only does it have a strong STEM department, but incredible arts programs, as well. Tennessee Williams, Elizabeth Catlett, and Gene Wilder all studied there and took off in their respective fields. On top of these accolades, Iowa is the home to many talented D1 sports teams. There is definitely a place for everyone at this university.”
Kelli Tosic

“When I first visited Iowa, I instantly fell in love. I met some really great people, track athletes and coaches specifically, the campus was nice, and it was not super far from home. As soon as I really got a feel for the environment, I knew that was the right choice for me.”
Tesa Roberts

“I chose Iowa because I could tell from the beginning the whole team of coaches and staff thought of each person as an individual, not a number. I immediately clicked with coach Wakenight over the phone and was very impressed by how strategically he put together training programs to maximize the ability of each athlete. Furthermore, I loved the camaraderie and positive energy the team exhibited. They really seemed to take care of one another and get excited for the success of each member. I’m so pumped to finally be a Hawkeye.”
Katie Moore

“I chose Iowa because of the successful program in the middle distance events. On my visit I fell in love with the city and instantly clicked with the girls on the team. The strong academics also drew me to the school. I loved the philosophies of the coaches and the support from the entire community.”
Clare Pitcher

“I was choosing a school where academics would be just as important to me as athletics, and Iowa has excellent nursing and medical programs available. On my visit, all the athletes and staff I talked to made it feel like I would be joining a family, and that is one of the main things I was looking for in a college team. All the coaches have a lot of success in the events and they know how to coach to the athlete’s needs so I knew I would be set up for success. With current University of Iowa hurdlers’ times and their progression throughout college, I knew I would have competition every day, therefore getting better every time I step on the track.”
Paige Magee

“There is no doubt in my mind Iowa is a place I can thrive as an athlete and as a student. During my recruitment, I felt an instant coach-athlete connection with Coach Woody, and I am thrilled that he has a wealth of knowledge in my best event (400 hurdles). Academically, there is no doubt I will get a superior quality education for my Masters in Finance.  This track and field team has the right combination of talent and team chemistry that made them a powerhouse last year in the Big Ten. I hope to use my four years of experience to contribute to that team dynamic and help Iowa secure the championship.”
Erin Dowd

“I chose the University of Iowa because I felt it was the best fit for me. The campus environment felt like home, the academics are top tier, and the track team feels like a big family. The coaching staff is absolutely amazing, as well. I really see myself growing as a person and as an athlete during my time on campus. I feel like I will be able to surround myself with people who will constantly push me to better myself. Iowa really was the perfect choice for me. Go Hawkeyes.”
Kenli Nettles 

Iowa was very different from the other schools that I visited. Everyone there was so welcoming, and I knew that I would not be just a number. When visiting campus, I absolutely loved the atmosphere because you could tell that the entire staff really cared about all the team members, not only as runners, but as people too. I have set a lot of goals for myself in the future, and I knew that if I went to Iowa, I could achieve them.”
Alli Bookin-Nosbisch

“At the beginning of my recruitment process I didn’t know what I was looking for in a school.  But after my visit to Iowa, I felt that the size and overall environment of the campus combined with my experience with the team and my time inside their indoor facility, showed me that this was the school for me.”
Kayla Hutchins

“I chose Iowa because it felt like a home away from home and the team felt like people I could click with.  I liked the idea of being pushed academically and athletically. Everything I do from this point forward I have to give a 100 percent.”
Dimia Burrell

“The moment I entered Iowa City I knew that I wanted to be a Hawkeye.  Everything from the team to the campus fit, is what I had wanted in a school. I know that at Iowa I will not just be another number on the team. The coaching staff has already shown me that us athletes are worth much more than that. In the future, Iowa Track and Field has some big things coming, and I cannot wait to be a part of them.”
Grace Bookin-Nosbisch