Hawkeyes go 24-0 on 1st Day of Missouri Valley Open

MARSHALL, Missouri – The seven unattached Iowa women’s wrestlers competing at the Missouri Valley Open closed out the first day outscoring their opponents, 198-10.

The Hawkeyes had perfect 24-0 record, placing them all in the semifinals tomorrow. Four out of the seven women have the chance of meeting each other in the finals. Emilie Gonzalez and Sterling Dias at 101, and Nyla Valencia and Brianna Gonzalez at 109.

Nanea Estrella leads the tournament in most tech falls in the least amount of time (7:18), as well as total match points (46).

The Hawkeyes racked up bonus points in 20 matches — 19 via technical fall and one pin by Felicity Taylor  in 1:44.

Iowa will compete unattached in 2022-23. Iowa announced in September 2021 it would become the first Division I Power Five school to add women’s wrestling. The Hawkeyes begin competing in 2023-24.


Missouri Valley Open Results

101 LBS

Emille Gonzalez
Emilie Gonzalez (UNA) dec. Erin Hikiji (UP), 6-4
Emilie Gonzalez (UNA) tech. fall Hannah Michael (GVU), 10-0
Emilie Gonzalez (UNA) tech. fall Alaina Sunlin (IW), 12-2

Sterling Dias
Sterling Dias (UNA) tech. fall Jennesis Martinez (CMU), 11-0
Sterling Dias (UNA) tech. fall Sage Beltran (MVC), 10-0
Sterling Dias (UNA) tech. fall Emma Cochran (GVU), 10-0

109 LBS

Nyla Valencia
Nyla Valencia (UNA) tech. fall Laura Lincoln (MVC), 10-0
Nyla Valencia (UNA) tech. fall Korigan Wilkey (IT), 10-0
Nyla Valencia (UNA) tech. fall Pauline Granados (MKU), 10-0

Brianna Gonzalez
Brianna Gonzalez (UNA) tech. fall Kali Christy (USM), 10-0
Brianna Gonzalez (UNA) tech. fall Jenavi Alejandro (TU), 12-2
Brianna Gonzalez (UNA) dec. Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez (SOU), 8-4

116 LBS

Felicity Taylor
Felicity Taylor (UNA) tech. fall Shea Reisel (CU), 11-0
Felicity Taylor (UNA) pinned Chloe Krebsbach (GVU), 1:44
Felicity Taylor (UNA) tech. fall Elvie Villa (MKU), 14-0
Felicity Taylor (UNA) dec. Hannah Hall, 6-3

136 LBS

Nanea Estrella
Nanea Estrella (UNA) tech. fall Oliva Flores (FU), 12-0
Nanea Estrella (UNA) tech. fall Jolynn Harris (MKU), 12-0
Nanea Estrella (UNA) tech. fall Kira Phillipa (TWU), 12-0
Nanea Estrella (UNA) tech. fall Aliyah Yates (UC), 10-0

143 LBS

Reese Larramendy
Reese Larramendy (UNA) tech. fall Ashlee Palimo’o (MU), 11-0
Reese Larramendy (UNA) tech. fall Sidney Ramos (TU), 10-0
Reese Larramendy (UNA) tech. fall Madison Diaz (GVU), 10-0
Reese Larramendy (UNA) dec. Katie Lange (AU), 5-4