5 Hawkeyes Win Titles at Missouri Valley Open

MARSHALL, Missouri – University of Iowa women’s wrestlers Sterling Dias, Nyla Valencia, Felicity Taylor, Nanea Estrella, and Reese Larramendy all won titles at the Missouri Valley Open. Emille Gonzalez and Brianna Gonzalez finished as runners-up. All seven Hawkeyes competing advanced to the finals.

The Hawkeyes outscored their non-Iowa opponents 86-14 today, and 284-24 on the weekend. Going, 36-0 in those matchups.

Iowa will compete unattached in 2022-23. Iowa announced in September 2021 it would become the first Division I Power Five school to add women’s wrestling. The Hawkeyes begin competing in 2023-24.


Missouri Valley Open Results

101 LBS
Emille Gonzalez
Emille Gonzalez (Unattached) tech. fall Alyssa Quezaire (Missouri Baptist), 10-0
Sterling Dias (Unattached) dec. Emille Gonzalez (Unattached), 3-1

Sterling Dias
Sterling Dias (Unattached) tech. fall Ira Navarro (University of Providence), 10-0
Sterling Dias (Unattached) dec. Emille Gonzalez (Unattached), 3-1

109 LBS
Nyla Valencia
Nyla Valencia (Unattached) dec. Mia Palumbo (Iowa Wesleyan), 6-2
Nyla Valencia (Unattached) dec. Brianna Gonzalez (Unattached), 6-5

Brianna Gonzalez
Brianna Gonzalez (Unattached) tech. fall Emma Baertlein (Unattached), 10-0
Nyla Valencia (Unattached) dec. Brianna Gonzalez (Unattached), 6-5

116 LBS
Felicity Taylor
Felicity Taylor (Unattached) tech. fall Juliana Diaz (Missouri Baptist), 10-0
Felicity Taylor (Unattached) pinned Ashley Gooman (University of Providence), 2:26
136 LBS
Nanea Estrella
Nanea Estrella (Unattached) tech. fall Claire DiCugno (Unattached), 10-0
Nanea Estrella (Unattached) dec. Blanche Kemu Makem (Augsburg University), 3-3
143 LBS
Reese Larramendy
Reese Larramendy (Unattached) dec. Mea Mohler (Texas Wesleyan), 12-4
Reese Larramendy (Unattached) tech. fall Alexis Gomez (Grand View), 15-5