Hawkeyes Bring Home 5 Titles at Soldier Salute

CORALVILLE, Iowa – The University of Iowa women’s wrestling team brought home five first-place titles from the second annual Soldier Salute, while also securing a first-place team finish accumulating a total of 223 points.

Starting at 101 pounds, Sterling Dias captured the pin to secure her first-place finish over Indiana Tech’s Makayla Young in 2:48. Ava Bayless followed, taking the forfeit win over fifth-ranked Jenavi Alejandro of Tiffin, receiving the title at 109 pounds. At 116 pounds, Brianna Gonzalez gained her third tournament title this season, pinning unattached Morgan Johnson in 2:35.

Bella Ngo fought hard at the 123-title match but fell short after six minutes against Alexandra Waitsman of William Jewell, losing via decision, 7-6. Emily Frost at 130 pounds and was defeated by Life’s Sarah Savidge with a 12-0 technical fall. Lilly Luft came in at the 136-pound first-place bout strong but fell after the two periods via decision to Zaynah McBryde of Life, 5-2. At 143, Reese Larramendy and Jamilah McBryde of Life went back-and-forth for six minutes where McBryde secured a fall with two seconds remaining in the bout.

Bella Mir dominated her finals match at 155 with a fall in 1:05 over Life’s Latifah McBryde. Haley Ward secured an 11-0 tech. fall against Katelyn Lewis (unattached) at 170 pounds securing the team’s fifth title. In the final womens bout of the night, Alivia White fell via a 10-0 tech. fall to Jaycee Foeller (unattached) at 191 pounds.

Sophomore Bella Mir was presented with the Most Outstanding Wrestler award at the conclusion of the tournament, after securing six wins including four pins and one technical fall.

“I think the best moment was our women being able to compete in our backyard, the fans showed up and we have great fans traveling from across the state, from other states, that came to watch and cheer on our women. The meaning behind Soldier Salute as far as paying tribute to the armed forces and the people who sacrifice their lives, the people running this tournament really do a great job putting together a great tournament to showcase them. Having this competition is a nice springboard into National Duals next weekend, to gain some information on the areas we need to continue working on. It helps us see the certain areas we need to work on for next week, this will be a big one and we are expecting a lot of tough matches. We will hopefully face schools like McKendree, King, and North Central the returning National Dual Champions, and we are really looking forward to it.

The Hawkeyes head to Cedar Falls, Iowa, Jan. 5-6 to compete for the NWCA National Dual title. Action inside of the UNI Dome will begin at 10 a.m. (CT) and be streamed on Flowrestling.com (subscription required).


101lbs – #2 Sterling Dias, 1st Place
WIN Whitley Blake (Indiana Tech), TF 11-0
WIN Devyn Gomez (Life), TF 14-4
WIN Brianna Richey (Dubuque), TF 11-0
WIN Teya Gardner (William Penn), Fall 0:52
WIN #7 Juliana Alejandro (Tiffin), Dec. 2-1
WIN Makayla Young (Indiana Tech), Fall 2:48

109lbs – #2 Ava Bayless, 1st Place
WIN Alyssa Valdivia (William Jewell), TF 10-0
WIN Diana Gonzalez (Life), TF 14-4
WIN Arianna Rodriguez (Texas Wesleyan), TF 11-0
WIN Tehani Soares (Indiana Tech), Dec. 10-2
WIN #5 Jenavi Alejandro (Tiffin), Forfeit

116lbs – #3 Brianna Gonzalez, 1st Place
WIN Adriana Martinez (Life), TF 11-0
WIN Riley Horvath (Indiana Tech), TF 13-2
WIN Miranda DiBenedetto (Life), Fall 1:32
WIN Rose Le (William Jewell), Fall 0:46
WIN Taryn Evans (Umpqua), TF 12-1
WIN Estefany Garcia (Life), Fall 1:21
WIN Morgan Johnson (Unattached), Fall 2:35

123lbs – Ava Rose, 2nd Place (Silver Bracket)
WIN Brittany Cotter (William Penn), Dec. 4-3
LOSS Alexandra Waitsmen (William Jewell), Dec. 6-1
LOSS Isabelle Silva (Indiana Tech), Fall 2:23
WIN Aubree Kuhns (Indiana Tech), TF 10-0
LOSS Andrea Hernandez (Indiana Tech), Dec. 10-10

123lbs – Cali Leng, 4th Place
LOSS Josie Bartishofski (Victory), Dec. 4-2
WIN Aubree Kuhms (Indiana Tech), TF 10-0
LOSS Alexandra Waitsman (William Jewell), Dec. 8-0
WIN Emarie Bolosan (William Jewell), Dec. 8-0
WIN Josie Bartishofski (Victory), Dec. 4-3
LOSS Carolina Rios (Texas Wesleyan), Dec. 4-4

123lbs – Bella Ngo, 2nd Place
WIN Emarie Bolosan (William Jewell), TF 10-0
WIN Andrea Hernandez (Indiana Tech), Fall 5:16
WIN Shea Reisel (Dubuque), TF 10-0
WIN Josie Bartishofski (Victory), Dec. 8-7
LOSS Alexandra Waitsman (William Jewell), Dec. 7-6

130lbs – #10 Emily Frost, 2nd Place
WIN Ellyana Kuzman (Indiana Tech), TF 12-2
LOSS Sarah Savidge (Life), TF 12-2
WIN Allie Baudhuin (Iowa), Fall 4:16
WIN Zainab Ibrahim (Umpqua), Fall 2:08
LOSS Sarah Savidge (Life), TF 12-0

130lbs – Allie Baudhuin, 4th Place
LOSS Zainab Ibrahim (Umpqua), Fall 2:19
WIN Marisa Moffitt (Indiana Tech), TF 10-0
WIN Riley Dalrymple (Life), Fall 1:12
LOSS #10 Emily Frost (Iowa), Fall 4:16
WIN Ellyana Kuzma (Indiana Tech), Dec. 8-5
LOSS Riley Dalrymple (Life), Dec. 8-4

136lbs – Sierra Brown Ton, 2nd Place (Silver Bracket)
WIN Tatiana Bermudez (Tiffin), Fall 0:26
LOSS Mattison Parker (Texas Wesleyan), Dec. 8-0
WIN Annabel Garcia (UMPQUA), Fall 1:28
LOSS Zaynah McBryde (Life), TF 10-0
WIN Tatiana Bermudez (Tiffin), Fall 1:02
LOSS Tarnpreet Saroya (Umpqua), Dec. 5-4

136lbs – Lilly Luft, 2nd Place
WIN Koryna Diaz (William Jewell), Dec. 9-0
WIN Sandra Arellano (William Penn), TF 10-0
WIN Carley Anderson (Indiana Tecn), TF 11-0
WIN Mattison Parker (Texas Wesleyan), TF 12-2
WIN Emmily Patneaud (Unattached), TF 14-3
LOSS Zaynah McBryde (Life), Dec. 5-2

136lbs – Anakya Besco, 6th Place
WIN Tarnpreet Soroya (Umpqua), Fall 5:20
WIN Alexis Cervantes (William Penn), TF 10-0
WIN Angie Prado (Life), Fall 4:58
WIN Emma Gruenhagen (Victory), TF 10-0
LOSS Zaynah McBryde (Life), TF 12-1
LOSS Mattison Parker (Texas Wesleyan), Fall 4:45
LOSS Carley Anderson (Indiana Tech), Injury Default

143lbs – #2 Ella Schmit, DNP
WIN Jamilah McBryde (Life), Dec. 8-7
LOSS Athena Willden (William Jewell), Dec. 10-5
LOSS Samantha Snow (Indiana Tech), Injury Default

143lbs – #1 Reese Larramendy, 2nd Place
WIN Tatum Levendahl (Dubuque), Fall 1:35
WIN Maryellen Lafferty (Texas Wesleyan), TF 10-0
WIN Maia Crumb (Indiana Tech), 14-4
WIN Jalynn Patino (Texas Wesleyan), Fall 1:14
WIN Athena Willden (William Jewell), TF 10-0
LOSS Jamilah McBryde (Life), Fall 5:58

155lbs – Bella Mir, 1st Place
WIN Jennifer De La Torre (Umpqua), Fall 2:10
WIN Cydney Bassett (Indiana Tech), Fall 0:43
WIN Erin Martin (Tiffin), TF 10-0
WIN Janida Garcia (Tiffin), Medical forfeit
WIN Leilani Hernandez (Texas Wesleyan), Fall 0:35
WIN Latifah McBryde (Life), Fall 1:05

170lbs – #3 Haley Ward, 1st Place
WIN Kiara Meek (Dubuque), Fall 0:14
WIN Tia Leahy (Tiffin), Forfeit
WIN Katelyn Lewis (Unattached), TF 10-0
WIN Catherine McNulty (Indiana Tech), Fall 1:24
WIN Zoey Smalley (Umpqua), TF 10-0
WIN Kaley Rice (Texas Wesleyan), TF 10–0
WIN Katelyn Lewis (Unattached), TF 11-0

191lbs – #7 Alivia White, 2nd Place
WIN Jane Allen (Life), Fall 2:14
LOSS Jaycee Foeller (Unattached), Dec. 4-0
WIN Madeline Welch (Life), Fall 2:35
WIN Tiffany Curry (Texas Wesleyan), Fall 2:24
LOSS Jaycee Foeller (Unattached), TF 10-0


136lbs – Emmily Patneaud, 3rd Place
WIN Brooklyn Figueroa (Indiana Tech), Fall 1:14
WIN Mattie Papenthien (Dubuque), TF 10-0
WIN Pella LeFever (Texas Wesleyan), TF 10-0
WIN Emma Gruenhagen (Victory)
WIN Angie Prado (Life), Dec. 7-2
LOSS Lilly Luft (Iowa), TF 14-3
WIN Carley Anderson (Indiana Tech), Dec. 6-0
WIN Mattison Parker (Texas Wesleyan), 6-2

143lbs – Danni Swihart, 1st Place (Silver Bracket)
WIN Paige Barber (William Jewell), Dec. 8-4
WIN Abigail Miller (Tiffin), TF 12-2
LOSS Naida Abdijanovic (William Penn), TF 10-0
WIN Abigail Miller (Tiffin), Fall 5:19
WIN Ella Childress (William Jewell), TF 10-0

191lbs – Jaycee Foeller, 1st Place
WIN Tiffany Curry (Texas Wesleyan), TF 10-0
WIN #7 Alivia White (Iowa), Dec. 4-0
WIN Madeline Welch (Life), TF 10-0
WIN Jane Allen (Life), Injury default
WIN #7 Alivia White (Iowa), TF 10-0