Hawkeyes Finish Warrior Open with 4 Champions

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – The second-ranked University of Iowa women’s wrestling team finished the weekend in Indiana with four first-place finishes at the Warrior Open, and earned a total of 457 match points as a team.

Freshman Lilly Luft notched the first gold medal for Iowa at 136 pounds, defeating Life’s Zaynah McBryde, once again, with a fall in 3:56. Luft pinned McBryde just a week ago at the Iowa Duals, only needing 1:42 to do so.
Two Hawkeyes met in the finals at 143, with sophomores Reese Larramendy and Ella Schmit fighting their way to first place. After battling hard for all six minutes, Larramendy came out on top with a 13-6 decision over Schmit.

Two Hawkeyes met again in the finals at 170. Sophomore Kylie Welker and freshman Haley Ward wrestled for the top of the podium, with Welker attaining the victory or Ward with a 11-0 technical fall. Junior Jaycee Foeller capped off the tournament with her victory in the finals at 191 for the Hawkeyes. Foeller downed Maquoia Bernabe of Cumberlands via a 7-0 decision, securing her first-place finish.

• Iowa secured the most technical falls as a team, with 21 total on the day.
• The Hawkeyes finished with the highest winning percentage out of the 26 teams competing; with a 59-13 record (0.82).
• Kylie Welker secured the most team points of the tournament, racking up 25.5 points.

Iowa will return to action on Wednesday January 31 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Hawkeyes will face the University of Sioux Falls in their final dual of the season. Action inside of the Stewart Center will begin at 6 p.m. CT.


101lbs – #2 Sterling Dias, 2nd place
WIN Megan Valdez (Lindenwood), TF 10-0
WIN Devyn Gomez (Life), Dec. 9-0
WIN Alyssa Quezaire (Missouri Baptist), TF 11-0
LOSS Jaclyn Bouzakis (Unattached), Dec. 7-1

123lbs – Ava Rose, 2nd place
WIN Michaela Dykes (Trine), TF 10-0
WIN Lexi Beadle (Unattached), TF 10-0
WIN Riley White (Missouri Baptist), TF 10-0
WIN Josie Davis (Campbellsville), Dec. 6-5
LOSS Anna Krejsa (Life), Dec. 10-6

123lbs – Cali Leng, 1st place consolation bracket
LOSS Haley Narahara (Menlo), TF 10-0
WIN Lexi Beadle (Unattached), Fall 2:51
WIN Kesley Novogradac (Davenport), Fall 2:37
WIN Angela LoRusso (Adrian), TF 11-0
WIN Trynadii Rocha (Southern Oregon), Dec. 6-1

130lbs — Allie Baudhuin, 4th place
WIN Ivy Partin (Cumberlands), TF 12-0
WIN Paige Respicio (Providence), TF 15-4
LOSS Taina Fernandez (Unattached), Fall 1:55
WIN Olivia Messerly (Campbellsville), Fall 4:02
LOSS Emily Frost (Iowa), Dec. 3-0

130lbs – #10 Emily Frost, 3rd place
WIN Marisa Moffitt (Indiana Tech), Fall 0:29
WIN Camarie Cunningham (Cumberlands), TF 10-0
WIN Olivia Messerly (Campbellsville), Fall 2:56
LOSS Alyssa Randles (Providence), TF 14-4
WIN Paige Respicio (Providence), Fall 3:52
WIN Allie Baudhuin (Iowa), Dec. 3-0

136lbs – Emmily Patneaud, 4th place
WIN Lillian Ruesink (Siena Heights), TF 10-0
WIN Sofia Poblano (Campbellsville), TF 12-2
LOSS Zaynah McBryde (Life), Dec. 8-4
WIN Sierra Brown Ton (Iowa), Dec. 6-1
WIN Desinee Lopez (Southern Oregon), TF 11-0
LOSS Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp

136lbs — Sierra Brown Ton, DNP
WIN Mallory Chunat (Hiram), Fall 2:05
LOSS Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp (Providence), TF 10-0
LOSS Emmily Patneaud (Iowa), Dec. 6-1

136lbs – Lilly Luft, 1st place
WIN Madison Small (Trine), TF 10-0
WIN Marissa Sanabria (Lindenwood), Dec. 7-0
WIN Angie Prado (Life), TF 11-0
WIN Desinee Lopez (Southern Oregon), Dec. 2-0
WIN Zaynah McBryde (Life), Fall 3:56

143lbs – #2 Reese Larramendy, 1st place
WIN Nathalia Rodriguez (Siena Heights), TF 10-0
WIN Danni Swihart (Unattached), TF 10-0
WIN Alexandra Lopez (Menlo), Fall 1:46
WIN Valarie Hamilton (Unattached), Dec. 10-1
WIN Ella Schmit (Iowa), Dec. 13-6

143lbs – #4 Ella Schmit, 2nd place
WIN Michael Hamp (Unattached), Fall 0:34
WIN Aspen Dodge (Providence), Fall 2:07
WIN Emma Walker (Campbellsville), TF 17-7
LOSS #2 Reese Larramendy (Iowa), Dec. 13-6

143lbs – Danni Swihart, DNP (Unattached)
LOSS #2 Reese Larramendy (Iowa), TF 10-0
WIN Natalie Kutzli (Rochester), Fall 4:15
LOSS Candice Corralejo (Southern Oregon), TF 12-1

170lbs – #3 Haley Ward, 2nd place
WIN Desarae Matheny (Southern Oregon), Fall 1:25
WIN Grace Doering (Indiana Tech), Dec. 7-0
WIN Shenita Lawson (Southern Oregon), Dec. 5-0
LOSS #1 Kylie Welker (Iowa), TF 11-0

170lbs – #1 Kylie Welker, 1st place
WIN Tia Leahy (Tiffin), TF 12-0
WIN Gabrielle Holloway (St Andrews), TF 10-0
WIN Faith Macharia (Missouri Baptist), Fall 0:38
WIN #3 Haley Ward (Iowa), TF 11-0

191lbs – #3 Jaycee Foeller, 1st place
WIN Sara Lake (Lindenwood), Dec. 6-4
WIN Noami Duenas (Cumberlands), Fall 2:10
WIN Madeline Welch (Life), Dec. 3-1
WIN Maquoia Bernabe (Cumberlands), Dec. 7-0

191lbs – #9 Alivia White, 3rd place
WIN Aaliyah Presley (Unattached), TF 11-0
WIN Kennedy Eggering (Lindenwood), Dec. 5-0
WIN Alexis Tupuola (Providence), Fall 2:19
LOSS Maquoia Bernabe (Cumberlands), Dec. 5-0
WIN Noami Duenas (Cumberlands), Dec. 11-4
WIN Madeline Welch (Life), Dec. 2-1