2 Hawkeyes Win Grand View Open Titles

DES MOINES, Iowa – The second-ranked University of Iowa women’s wrestling team brought home two titles from the Grand View Open on Saturday afternoon at the Johnson Wellness Center and Sisam Arena.

Felicity Taylor finished the day at the top of the podium after going 4-0 at 116 pounds. In the championship matchup, Taylor downed Missouri Baptist’s Juliana Diaz via a 9-3 decision. Bella Mir captured the second title for the Hawkeyes at 155, going 5-0 on the day. Mir defeated Shannon Workinger of Menlo by forfeit, finishing her tournament run.

Jaycee Foeller reached the finals at 191, after going 4-0. Foeller fell in the finals to Menlo’s Tavia Heidelberg-Tillotson, via injury default.

Iowa’s Lilly Luft and Emmily Pautnead battled it out at 136 for third place. Luft took the win over Pautnead, winning via a 6-0 decision. Sam Calkins also finished the day out at the third-place bout, falling to Wayland Baptist’s Leilani Sanchez by decision, 4-2, at 235.

The Hawkeyes will head to Indianola, Iowa, at the end of February to compete in the NCWWC Regional Championships hosted by Simpson College. The top four finishers from this tournament at each weight class will qualify for the NCWWC National Championships in March.


116lbs – Felicity Taylor, 1st Place
WIN Mayangelie Colon (Grand View), TF 11-0
WIN Irma Retano (Eastern Oregon), Pin 1:14
WIN Katherine Heath (Baker), TF 14-4
WIN Juliana Diaz (Missouri Baptist), Dec. 9-3

123lbs – Cali Leng, DNP
LOSS Brittany Cotter (William Penn), Dec. 4-4
WIN Riley White (Missouri Baptist), TF 11-0
LOSS Mateah Roehl (Askren Wrestling Academy), TF 10-0

123lbs – Ava Rose, 6th Place
LOSS Karlee Brooks (Elite Accelerator Program), TF 10-0
WON Carolina Rios (Texas Wesleyan), Dec. 8-2
WON Brittany Cotter (William Penn), Inj. Default
LOSS Catharine Campbell (Grand View), Pin 4:06
LOSS Mateah Roehl (Askren Wrestling Academy), TF 11-0

130lbs — Allie Baudhuin, DNP
WIN Samara Lusk (Grand View), TF 10-0
LOSS Bella Williams (Unattached), Pin 5:12
LOSS Cindy Zepeda (Menlo), Pin 3:39

136lbs – Anakya Besco, 6th Place
LOSS Xochitl Pettis (Rise RTC), Pin 2:30
WIN Keilani Guillermo (Wayland Baptist), Pin 4:42
WIN Samantha Chaon (Northern Michigan), TF 10-0
WIN Samantha Barragan (Menlo), Pin 5:13
WIN Stephanie Chavez (Menlo), Dec. 10-8
LOSS Lilly Luft (Iowa), TF 11-0
LOSS Piper Cadden (Unattached), Forfeit

136lbs – Emmily Patneaud, 4th Place
WIN Mattison Parker (Texas Wesleyan), TF 10-0
WIN Laura Kipnusu (Grand View), TF 12-1
WIN Samantha Barragan (Menlo), TF 12-2
LOSS Xochitl Pettis (Rise RTC), TF 10-0
WIN Piper Cadden (Unattached), Pin 5:59
LOSS Lilly Luft (Iowa), Dec. 6-0

136lbs – Lilly Luft, 3rd Place
WIN Migdalys Ramos (Cumberlands), Dec. 6-0
WIN Piper Cadden (Unattached), Dec. 2-0
LOSS Andrea Schlabach (Grand View), Dec. 9-0
WIN Anakya Besco (Iowa), TF 11-0
WIN Emmily Patneaud (Iowa), Dec. 6-0

155lbs – Bella Mir, 1st Place
WIN Danielle Lopez (Northern Michigan), TF 11-0
WIN Elizabeth Hubbard (Missouri Valley), TF 11-0
WIN Angella Van Valkenburg (Snow College), Pin 1:43
WIN Liv Wieber (Eastern Oregon), TF 10-0
WIN Shannon Workinger (Menlo), Forfeit

191lbs – #3 Jaycee Foeller, 2nd Place
WIN Maquoia Bernabe (Cumberlands), Dec. 4-1
WIN Katja Osteen (Unattached), Dec. 3-2
WIN Payton Sholander (Wayland Baptist), Pin 0:32
WIN Joanna Hendricks (Waldorf), TF 10-0
LOSS Tavia Heidelberg-Tillotson (Menlo), Inj. Default

235lbs – Sam Calkins, 4th Place
WIN Rose Rother (Iowa Central CC), Pin 1:57
WIN Leilani Sanchez (Wayland Baptist), Dec. 6-0
LOSS Hannah Jackson (Ottawa), Dec. 1-0
WIN Rose Rother (Iowa Central CC), TF 11-0
LOSS Leilani Sanchez (Wayland Baptist), Dec. 4-2