15 Hawkeyes Qualify for Nationals; Take Region V Title

INDIANOLA, Iowa – The second-ranked University of Iowa women’s wrestling team had all 15 regional participants qualify for the National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships on Friday at Simpson College. Iowa also claimed the Region V title accumulating 220 team points in the tournament.

The Hawkeyes had 11 student-athletes reach the finals, finishing with champions at six weight classes.

At 101, Emilie Gonzalez took the victory over teammate Sterling Dias. Gonzalez took the match with a 7-0 decision, fighting the whole six minutes. At 109, Ava Bayless captured the title over McKendree’s Pauline Granados, via a 4-2 decision.

There was another all-Iowa matchup at 11 where Brianna Gonzalez defeated teammate Felicity Taylor by decision, 9-3. Reese Larramendy brought home the 143 title with her victory over former national champion, Emma Bruntil of McKendree, in a 4-2 decision.

At 155, Marlynne Deede won the title defeating teammate Bella Mir, 6-2. Kylie Welker made quick work of her finals match at 170, earning the tech. fall over Tristan Kelly of McKendree, 10-0.

– The Hawkeyes brought 15 student athletes to the tournament and left with 15 National qualifiers.
– Six Iowa student-athletes faced off in the finals; showcasing pure Hawkeye action at 101, 116, and 155.
– The Hawkeyes secured 220 points, finishing in first-place as a team, followed by Mckendree (193) and Lindenwood (106).
– Sophomore Kylie Welker wrestled a total of 2:01 minutes; 2 technical falls (1:35) and 1 pin (0:26).
– The Hawkeyes led with the most tech. falls in the least amount of time; picking up 21 in total.
– Ava Rose held the second-fastest tech. fall of the night in 28 seconds.

“These 15 qualifiers are a combination of the support from administration, the community, staff, family, and the work day in and day out from our wrestlers. I think of each and every one of these girls’ individual journey throughout the season, and just to see their growth and knowing where they want to be and how they want to execute is awesome. It’s a great day to be a Hawkeye.”

The Hawkeyes will head to NCWWC Nationals in Cedar Rapids, Iowa March 8-9. Action inside of the Alliant Energy Powerhouse will begin at 11 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. More information on the tournament can be found at ncwwc.com


101lbs – Sterling Dias, 2nd Place
WIN Megan Valdez (Lindenwood), TF 10-0
WIN Lizette Rodriguez (McKendree), Dec. 3-0
LOSS Emilie Gonzalez (Iowa), Dec. 7-0

101lbs – Emilie Gonzalez, 1st Place
WIN Vianey Hernandez (Quincy), TF 10-0
WIN Kiona Conner (McKendree), TF 12-0
WIN Sterling Dias (Iowa), Dec. 7-0

109lbs – Ava Bayless, 1st Place
WIN Hope Chiattello (Wartburg), TF 10-0
WIN Sarah Zimmerman (Simpson), TF 12-0
WIN Pauline Granados (McKendree), Dec. 4-2

116lbs – Brianna Gonzalez, 1st Place
WIN Rose Le (William Jewell), TF 10-0
WIN Trinity Pendergrass (Quincy), TF 10-0
WIN Felicity Taylor (Iowa), Dec. 9-3

116lbs – Felicity Taylor, 2nd Place
WIN Liannette Ortiz (Wartburg), Fall 2:33
WIN Julia Vidallon (McKendree), Fall 2:11
LOSS Brianna Gonzalez (Iowa), Dec. 9-3

123lbs – Ava Rose, 4th Place
WIN Autumn Van Bremen (Quincy), TF 10-0
WIN Alexandra Waitsman (William Jewell), Dec. 11-8
LOSS Shelby Moore (McKendree), TF 10-0
WIN Emarie Bolosan (William Jewell), Dec. 7-1
LOSS Alexandra Waitsman (William Jewell), Dec. 8-5

130lbs – Emily Frost, 3rd Place
WIN Hayley Gilson (Lindenwood), TF 10-0
LOSS Kylie Rule (Wartburg), Dec. 8-4
WIN Cayden Condit (Lindenwood), Fall 1:27
WIN Jennifer Soto (McKendree), Dec. 8-5

136lbs – Lilly Luft, 2nd Place
WIN Vaness Elexpuru (Simpson), TF 11-0
WIN Estella Gutches (McKendree), Dec. 5-0
LOSS Viktorya Torres (McKendree), Fall 5:25

143lbs – Reese Larramendy, 1st Place
WIN Rebecca Strong (Lindenwood), TF 14-3
WIN Athena Willden (William Jewell), TF 10-0
WIN Emma Bruntil (McKendree), Dec. 4-2

143lbs – Ella Schmit, 4th Place
WIN Aniyah Kelly (Wartburg), TF 11-0
LOSS Emma Bruntil (McKendree), Dec. 7-4
WIN Rebecca Strong (Lindenwood), Fall 4:55
LOSS Athena Willden (William Jewell), 3:53

155lbs – Bella Mir, 2nd Place
WIN Paige Barber (William Jewell), TF 10-0
WIN Keeley Kehrli (Simpson), TF 10-0
LOSS Marlynne Deede (Iowa), Dec. 8-4

155lbs – Marlynne Deede, 1st Place
WIN Randi Nicholson (Wartburg), Fall 0:57
WIN Ryan Garthoeffner (Lindenwood), TF 10-0
WIN Ruby Rios (McKendree), TF 10-0
WIN Bella Mir (Iowa), Dec. 8-4

170lbs – Kylie Welker, 1st Place
WIN Katt Mossinghoff (Lindenwood), Fall 0:26
WIN Kami Senlycki (Wartburg), TF 10-0
WIN Tristan Kelly (McKendree), TF 10-0

170lbs – Haley Ward, 3rd Place
WIN Emma Thomas (Lindenwood), TF 14-4
LOSS Tristan Kelly (McKendree), Fall 4:04
WIN Kassidee Savaria (Simpson), Dec. 8-2
WIN Kami Senlycki (Wartburg), Dec. 9-0

191lbs – Jaycee Foeller, 2nd Place
WIN Emersen Smith (Wartburg), TF 10-0
WIN Ivana Elliot (Quincy), Fall 1:38
LOSS Sara Lake (Lindenwood), Dec. 2-1