Hawkeyes Claim 2 U20 National Titles

SPOKANE. Wash. – Four University of Iowa women’s wrestlers had top-two finishes in Spokane, Washington, at the 2024 Women’s National Championship over the weekend. Brianna Gonzalez (53kg) and Reese Larramendy (65kg) both captured a U20 national title.

At 50 kilograms, Sterling Dias made it to the finals in the U23 division after four dominate wins. In the best of three matchup, Dias fell in two to Heather Crull of Indiana, the first match via a 10-3 decision and second a 10-0 technical fall.

Nyla Valencia made her way to the finals at 50kg in the U20 division, where she fell in the first two rounds to Anaya Falcon of California. Valencia kept the first match to a decision, 14-6, then fell via tech. fall in the second match, 10-0.

Iowa had its first champion at 53kg, with Gonzalez making her way through the tournament via tech. falls or pins, including a 35-second pin over Akeelah Moore of Texas. Gonzalez took the best of three final to the third match, after defeating Clare Booe of Florida in the second match via 10-0 tech. fall. In the last match, the U20 finalist secured a 12-2 tech. fall clinching her title.

At 65kg in the U20 division, redshirt freshmen Ella Schmit and Larramendy met in the finals. After two matches, Larramendy took the first-place finish over Schmit, both matches via tech. fall.

Along with the four finalists, the Hawkeyes had three additional place winners in the U20 division and one in U23. Emily Frost took 4th place at 59kg. Emmily Patneaud (U23- 62kg) and Rose Cassioppi (76kg) both took fifth place, and Emilie Gonzalez brought home a 7th place finish at 50kg.

The two finalists at each weight class in the U20 division and the champions of the U23 division secured their spots on the 2024 World Team. The U20 World Championship will be held in Pontevedra, Spain, this September, and the U23 World Championships will take place in Rio Negro, Colombia, this June.


U23 – 50kg – Sterling Dias – 2nd Place
WIN Isabella Cruz (TX), Fall 0:27
WIN Mandy Gavares (NJ), TF 10-0
WIN Nizhoni Tallman-Olney (WA), Dec 9-1
WIN Makenize Smith (IN), Dec 8-4
LOSS (Rd. 1) Heather Crull (IN), Dec 10-3
LOSS (Rd. 2) Heather Crull (IN), TF 10-0

50kg – Emilie Gonzalez – 7th Place
WIN Sarah Perez (AZ), TF 10-0
WIN Aroma Marrufo (MO), TF 10-0
WIN Deandra Meza (CA), Dec 6-0
LOSS Nyla Valencia (CA), TF 12-1
WIN Perez (CA), Dec 10-8
LOSS Rianne Murphy (IN), Fall 3:41
WIN Deandra Meza (CA) (TF 10-0)

50kg – Nyla Valencia – 2nd Place
WIN Jasmine Luedtke (IA), Fall 2:28
WIN Mi Amada Lanphear Ramirez (WA), TF 10-0
WIN Emilie Gonzalez (CA), TF 12-1
WIN Makenize Smith (IN), TF 10-0
LOSS (Rd. 1) Anaya Falcon (CA), Dec 14-6
LOSS (Rd. 2) Anaya Falcon (CA), TF 10-0

53kg – Brianna Gonzalez – 1st Place
WIN Jalynn Goodale (IA) (TF 10-0)
WIN over Akeelah Moore (TX) (Fall 0:35)
WIN Paige Morales (MT) (Fall 4:37)
WIN Emma Albanese (NV) (FF)
LOSS (Rd. 1) Clare Booe (FL) (Dec 7-6)
WIN (Rd. 2) Clare Booe (FL) (TF 10-0)
WIN (Rd. 3) Clare Booe (FL) (TF 12-2)

55kg – Cali Leng – DNP
LOSS Presley Anderson (CA), Fall 1:34
WIN Samantha Rivera (CA), Fall 1:53
LOSS Ellabelle Taylor (WA), TF 17-7

59kg – Emily Frost – 4th Place
WIN Faith Vondy (CO) (TF 10-0)
WIN Mason Harsch (CA) (TF 11-0)
LOSS Aubre Krazer (PA) (Dec 5-0)
WIN Joelle Scott (PA) (Fall 0:18)
WIN Larissa Kaz (WI) (TF 13-3)
WIN Persaeus Gomez (CO) (Fall 2:13)
LOSS Sarah Savidge (CO) (Dec 13-4)

62kg – Lilly Luft – DNP
WIN Malia Kehne (AR) (Dec 8-0)
WIN Sierra Wangen (WA) (TF 12-0)
LOSS Cadence Diduch (IL) (TF 10-0)
WIN Daniella Nugent (MA) (TF 11-1)
WIN Margaret Buurma (MI) (Dec 4-1)
LOSS Hanna Errthum (WI) (Dec 11-5)

U23 – 62kg – Emmily Patneaud – 5th Place
WIN Apollonia (Apple) Middleton (CO), TF 10-0
WIN Bridgette Sotomayor (AZ), Fall 1:56
WIN Emma Grimm (IA), Dec 5-2
LOSS Marisol Nugent (MA), Dec 6-4
LOSS Alexandra Szkotnicki (MD), Dec. 4-3
WIN Niya Gaines (IL), Dec 4-4

65kg – Ella Schmit – 2nd Place
WIN Rihanna Venegas (MI) (Fall 1:28)
WIN Ava Collins (OR) (TF 10-0)
WIN Grace Stem (PA) (Fall 4:27)
WIN Marisa Angelos (WI) (Dec 5-2)
LOSS (Rd. 1) Reese Larramendy (NV) (TF, 12-1)
LOSS (Rd. 1) Reese Larramendy (NV) (TF, 10-0)

65kg – Reese Larramendy – 1st Place
WIN Paige Jackson (WV) (TF 12-2)
WIN Kimberlynn Fowers (UT) (TF 10-0)
WIN Alexandra Lopez (CA) (TF 12-1)
WIN Faith Bartoszek (WI) (TF 15-5)
WIN (Rd. 1) Ella Schmit (IA) (TF 12-1)
WIN (Rd. 2) Ella Schmit (IA) (TF 10-0)

76kg – Rose Cassioppi – 5th Place
WIN Ivana Elliott (AR) (TF 11-0)
WIN Lila Bloomer (NE) (TF 12-0)
WIN Love Daley (MD) (Fall 4:33)
LOSS Naomi Simon (IA) (Fall 3:50)
LOSS Clarissa Wangen (WA) (Dec 9-2)
WIN Katie Law (UT) (Inj. 0:01)