No. 1 on the Field, No. 1 in the Stands

Sept. 20, 2003

The head coach of the University of Iowa football team is asking Hawkeye fans to cooperate in following safety and sportsmanship guidelines in Kinnick Stadium and UI parking areas at home games.

“We want everyone to enjoy the game and cheer on the Hawks, but we also want to provide every fan with a safe environment in which to enjoy the game,” says Hawkeye head coach Kirk Ferentz.

“As co-champs of the Big Ten, there’s no doubt that the Hawks are No. 1 on the field. Now, we want to let the entire conference and country know that we are No. 1 in the stands as well.

“We also ask that all fans show their sportsmanship before and after the game by respecting the private property of people living in the Kinnick neighborhood,” Ferentz added.

Here are some of the continuing safety guidelines:

Patrons will not be permitted to exit and re-enter Kinnick Stadium. Fans can remain in the concourse area around the stadium, where additional concession stands and portable toilets are located.

Student ticket holders must display their student ID card and will be admitted only through two gates: Gate 3 and the Northwest Gate. There will be no exceptions. Students entering Kinnick will have their hands stamped upon entry and will be required to display the hand stamp and ticket stub when entering Sections G, H and J of Kinnick Stadium.

Hard liquor has always been prohibited on University property. Fans seen in possession of containers of hard liquor will be requested by officers to pour it out, officials say. Officials are also requesting that all beverages consumed in the parking lots and other University areas be in plastic or paper containers.

Soft drinks will be sold inside the stadium, and water will be provided free of charge at locations in the four corners of the stadium for early season, warm-weather games. Otherwise, only clear plastic, sealed water bottles will be allowed in the stadium. No other beverage cans or bottles purchased outside the stadium will be allowed.

Only passenger vehicles will be allowed in Lot 6, just south of the Field House. Panel trucks, rental trucks, and double-decker trailers are not permitted in any parking lots. Vehicles in violation will be towed.

A brochure containing Kinnick Stadium policy was sent to all football season ticket holders. Signs with safety information are also posted outside Kinnick Stadium. These are the rest of the guidelines:

— Only small purses, fanny packs, binocular cases, blankets, and seat cushions will be allowed into Kinnick Stadium. All items will be searched at specific entrance gates. People attending the games are subject to search and the University reserves the right to refuse entry.

— The following items are not allowed inside the stadium: umbrellas, bags of any size, alcoholic beverages, botas, all coolers, canned and bottled beverages purchased outside of the stadium except sealed clear plastic water bottles, thermoses, kegs, backpacks, banners and signs, large lens cameras, tripods, personal seat backs, strollers, noisemakers, horns, bugles, and all other disruptive devices. Admission will be denied anyone carrying such items.

— Smoking is prohibited in all areas inside Kinnick Stadium, including concourses, rest rooms and the press box. Smoking is allowed only in the four marked open-air corners of the stadium.

— No objects may be thrown from or in the stands.

— No body passing is permitted in the stands.

— No grills, open fires or amplified sound are permitted in UI parking ramps.

— Fans are urged to stay off the playing field at all times, including the end zones.

— Police officers will respond to complaints about unsafe and/or disruptive behavior.

— As in past years, individuals who violate stadium policies, present a safety threat, or are disruptive may be removed from the stadium and may be subject to arrest. Disruptive UI students may also be disciplined under the provisions of the Code of Student Life. Inparticular, students found guilty of throwing objects may face suspension or expulsion from the university.

Following are the rules regarding the possession and use of alcohol in University areas used for parking, parties, and tailgate activities:

— No beer trucks, kegs, or open bars are permitted in UI parking lots and ramps.

— Beer and wine are allowed on UI property, including parking lots and ramps, but only on the morning of the game until the conclusion of the game. The exception is Parking Lot 14, at the corner of Melrose and South Grand Avenues, and the new Rally Alley on the southwest corner of the tennis courts, which are alcohol-free areas.

— All beverages consumed in the parking lots should be in paper or plastic drinking cups for safety, officials say.

— No one under the age of 21, nor anyone of legal age who is obviously intoxicated, is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.

— No alcoholic beverages may be sold, or donations solicited to pay for alcoholic beverages.

— Inebriated people will not be admitted to Kinnick Stadium for the game. Alcohol and its consumption are not allowed in the stadium. Those in violation face ejection and possible criminal prosecution and/or student disciplinary actions.

UI officials urge fans to use alcohol responsibly. They suggest having plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available, and serve adequate food to reduce the effects of alcohol. Select a designated driver or stop serving and consuming alcohol several hours before attempting to drive.

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