Improvements Made To Postgame Traffic Plan

Aug. 31, 2003

The University of Iowa will continue using a post-game traffic plan in an effort to smooth the exodus from parking lots in and around Kinnick Stadium following home football games this fall. The plan will be in effect for one hour after each game.

Three major exit routes are designed to move traffic quickly to Interstate 80 or to Hwy. 218:

Vehicles parked west of Kinnick will be routed west on Melrose Avenue. Vehicles parked in Hospital Ramp No. 2 and southeast of Kinnick will be routed east on Melrose. Vehicles parked north of Kinnick, including Hospital Ramp No. 3 and Lot 43, located west of Ramp 3, will be routed north and west on Hawkins Drive to Hwy. 6.

The plan also calls for pedestrian-only areas on the streets near Kinnick Stadium:

Melrose Avenue will be completely closed to vehicles between Hawkins Drive and the entrance to west Kinnick parking lots. Stadium Drive on the north side of Kinnick will also be completely closed to vehicles for one hour after the game. Hawkins Drive will be completely closed to traffic from the main entrance of UI Hospitals and Clinics to the stoplights at the next intersection to the south. Barricades will be set up on Melrose Avenue between Hawkins Drive and South Grand Avenue to keep pedestrian and vehicular traffic separate in that area.

Pedestrians headed to the downtown area should use the Grand Avenue pedestrian overpass since they will not be allowed to cross the street at Byington Road and Grand. In addition, the Iowa Avenue pedestrian overpass, which has been under renovation most of the summer, should be open again in time for football season.

Patients and others who need access to UI Hospitals and Clinics during the hour after the game may use Hawkins Drive from Hwy. 6. People needing access to the hospital’s Emergency Treatment Center should avoid Melrose and instead take Riverside Drive to Grand Avenue.

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