How to Enjoy Iowa-Michigan at Kinnick

Sept. 26, 2003

So you’ve got tickets to arguably one of the biggest games to be played inside legendary Kinnick Stadium in years: Your Iowa Hawkeyes and the tradition-rich Maize and Blue of Michigan at 2:30 p.m. on ABC.

What do you do now?

Well, here are a few pointers, compliments of your hosts, the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Early is good on a Hawkeye game day — Leave your home early, arrive in Iowa City early, leave your tailgate early, and get to your gate at legendary Kinnick Stadium early.

If this is your first time to Kinnick – or your first this season or in a few seasons – remember that the overwhelming majority of parking adjacent to the Kinnick Stadium is reserved.

Suggestion No. 1: If you’re coming from east (I-80) of Iowa City, consider parking at Hancher Auditorium. First, it’s free. Second, the University provides a free shuttle service to Kinnick before the game and back to Hancher afterward.

Suggestion No. 2: If you’re coming from the west (I-380 or US Highway 218), consider arriving an hour earlier than originally planned and parking at the UI Athletics Hall of Fame – it’s free. And, when you arrive early, you can get “pumped” for the game by checking out the exhibits in the Hall of Fame. You’ll be amazed at what we’ve assembled for your enjoyment!

No. 1 on the field, No. 1 in the stands.

Suggestion No. 3: Hawk fans have proven time and time again that they are some of the best in college football today. When you arrive in Iowa City, please respect Kinnick Stadium, its neighborhood and its neighbors; please respect your fellow fans before, during and after the game; and please respect the visiting team, its friends and fans.

So you got a parking pass, eh?

Suggestion No. 4: Congratulations. We suggest you arrive early. All University parking lots secured for use by fans of the Hawkeyes with parking passes, open at 7 a.m., fill up fast and fill up early on game day. Please remember, too, that one parking pass means one parking stall. And, use a paper cup for the beverages you enjoy while tailgating with your family and friends.

Remember, you can’t get see the game if you don’t have a ticket.

Suggestion No. 5: Make certain you have your game tickets when you leave home. The Athletic Ticket Office can not issue a duplicate on game day and there is not a single ticket available for purchase.

And, even with a ticket, everyone can’t get inside Kinnick Stadium for kickoff if they all arrive 10 minutes before kickoff.

Suggestion No. 6: Plan to enter Kinnick Stadium 30 or more minutes before kickoff. There are lots of things to see those few minutes before kickoff, particularly this week. (Remember Hayden Fry? He’s being honored during a special pre-game ceremony and, of course, the UI Marching Band’s entrance really gets your juices flowing.) Also, take a close look at your game ticket. Printed on it is a recommended gate for entering Kinnick Stadium. We’ve done your homework…the quickest path to your seat is through that gate!