Ferentz on Hawk Talk: Minnesota Has Phenomenal Rushing

Nov. 12, 2003

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Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz took questions from Hawkeye fans from across the country in his Wednesday night Hawk Talk radio broadcast at Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Caf? in Iowa City.

Hawk Talk, a 90-minute program hosted by Gary Dolphin, is broadcast live to more than 40 Hawkeye Radio Network stations across the state and worldwide on hawkeyesports.com.

Here is some of what the coach had to say.

(on the prospect of instant replay in the Big Ten) “I think all the coaches in our conference are in favor of it. I think we’re in an experimental stage right now, but all the coaches are clearly in favor of it. Overall, the referees do a tremendous job in the conference. It’s a very difficult job.”

(on Coach Ferentz’s recruiting philosophy) “If you look at the class, it’s kind of interesting. It’s a mixture of the first class we put together, and the one we basically worked off the list that Coach (Hayden) Fry had put together. Our golden rule is to improve in the recruiting each year. But our big objective was to coach as best as we could. I think we had a great group of seniors in 1999, and they played their best against a great Minnesota team that year. But our whole goal has been to move forward each year.”

“They’ve done a phenomenal job. We haven’t seen anyone have a running game like that in five years. They’re a very dangerous team.”
Head Coach Kirk Ferentz

(on Minnesota’s No. 1 rushing offense) “They’ve done a phenomenal job. We haven’t seen anyone have a running game like that in five years. They’re a very dangerous team. They have a lot of scheme blocking up front. They have a fine young center, which is the key up front. They’re really moving the football well.”

(on punter David Bradley) “I thought David had an excellent first half the season. He’s been more inconsistent the last few weeks. We’re looking for him to rebound. I’m counting on that happening, and I think he’ll respond in a favorable way.”

Edward Jones Question of the Week

(on keeping players mentally fit at the end of the season) “We typically try to trim some of the practice time down. Early in the season, we go out to the field and have a light practice on Sunday. Later on, we’ll just stretch and run after we watch film. We try to be sensitive to where the team is.”