Iowa 79, Drake 65

Dec. 21, 2003


Head Coach Lisa Bluder:
(On the press)
“I think you’ll see it again. Our players were very aggressive in the press and they had a lot of fun doing it.”

(Second half)
“We came out a lot stronger in the second half. We were clicking with each other better, having fun, and enjoying ourselves.”

(On Armstrong)
“Jenna came out strong off the bench in the second half. She gave our team huge momentum.”

Junior Jenna Armstrong:
(on her performance)
“Drake really respected our posts, which created a lot of open shots for the guards. You can’t hold anything back and take the open shot.”

(On the bank 3-pointer)
“I meant to do that”

Senior Kristi Faulkner:
“We wanted to play with more of a sense of urgency. I focused on being more aggressive.”

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