Bluder on Hawk Talk: Marvelous Effort Led to Tremendous Win

Jan. 5, 2004

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Iowa women’s basketball coach Lisa Bluder took questions from Hawkeye fans from across the state in her Monday night Hawk Talk radio broadcast at Chili’s Restaurant in Coralville.

Hawk Talk, a 60-minute program hosted by Mark Allen, is broadcast to Clear Channel radio stations across the state and worldwide on

Here is some of what the coach had to say.

(on the win against Illinois) “It was a really nice night, and we got off to a good start. It was a good game because we converted our baskets and made the 3-point plays. I believe we had five 3-point plays in that game, and that’s tremendous. Also, to see 26 assists is great. We shot the ball very well too. If you shoot those numbers, you’re going to put up 91 points on the board.”

(on coming off a loss and rebounding with a win) “A couple of things happened, but there was a mental adjustment. So much of this game is confidence and mental aspects. Some people don’t expect that. I think this team did a marvellous job of getting the team together and getting people on the same page, and really believing you have a fresh start and fresh opportunity (in the Big Ten season). Fifteen minutes into the game, you wouldn’t have thought Iowa lost the last game they played.”

(on sophomore substitute Crystal Smith) “We had four people in double figures, and Crystal was 4-for-8 from the field, but I think the play of the game for Crystal and the fans in the stands was when Crystal Smith blocked the center from Illinois, Cindy Dallas. She came out of nowhere and got the block. The smallest player on the court gets a block off a six-year senior, who’s the tallest person on the court. When you have plays like that, if you’re on the other team, it really takes the wind out of you. Cindy Dallas never recovered from that point. She was just not the player we had watched.”